The Evil Saiyan in "Dragon Ball Heroes" may finally have a name. Fans have been busy digging for information about the upcoming miniseries since Toei Animation made the announcement. The miniseries is one of the most anticipated releases from the franchise since they launched the mobile game "Dragon Ball Legends." The fandom is also excited to hear more news about the upcoming anime movie titled "Dragon Ball Super." Meanwhile, Toei Animation already revealed that they will feature many new and interesting characters in the miniseries. One of them is the mysterious character introduced only as the Evil Saiyan.


What will his name be?

On the popular social networking site Twitter, anime content creator named DBReduxTDC, shared a new batch of details for the popular arcade game, “Dragon Ball Heroes." It contains the date of the Universe Mission 3, which is on July 12. In addition, it contains the term "Prison Planet Arc: Evil Saiyan Cumber." Fans were quick to point out that the name of the Evil Saiyan is an obvious pun for Cucumber.

The Dragon Ball fandom knows too well that the Saiyans in the franchise were named after vegetables.

Son Goku's real name is Kakarot which was taken from the name of the carrot vegetable. Vegeta's name is taken from the term vegetable. The same is true with Kale, Cabba, and Caulifla's names. They were all inspired by Kale, Cabbage, and Cauliflower respectively. There is a great chance that the Evil Saiyan could be named after a vegetable too. In this case, Cumber or Kanbaa in Japanese.


Several weeks ago, the synopsis of the upcoming miniseries was also shared online by the popular anime content creators.


According to the synopsis, Trunks is going from the future to train with his father Vegeta and Son Goku. However, he never reaches Goku and Vegeta's location. Instead, he gets trapped in an unknown place called Prison Planet. The bad news gets delivered to Son Goku and his friends by a mysterious character named Fu. In order to save Trunks, Vegeta and Son Goku are going to Prison Planet. Although Fu informed them about Trunks' condition, Vegeta is doubtful about him.

The plot

In the game version of the Prison Planet, Fu wants his wish granted by the Special Dragon Balls.

However, these special legendary balls are in the possession of the prisoners of the Prison Planet. Goku: Xeno, a spitting image of the fan-favorite Saiyan, and a Time Patroller allowed himself to be captured in order to investigate what is really happening in the Prison Planet. In the game version, he and Son Goku fought with the fan-favorite Saiyan overpowering him.

If Toei Animation bases the plot of the upcoming miniseries on the game, fans already have an idea of what to expect. However, this is "Dragon Ball," so expect a lot of twists in the miniseries.


"Dragon Ball Heroes" is slated to premiere on July 1, 2018.