Dragon Ball Heroes” unveils a new character named Goku Xeno. With its imminent premiere on July 2018, it appears that Bandai Namco Entertainment and Toei Animation are slowly spilling more information about the upcoming anime mini-series. The release of the upcoming series is just what is needed to fill the void that fans have been left with since “Dragon Ball Super” ended. The latest information about a new Goku excites many fans. This also leaves many of them wondering if this new character is more powerful than their fan-favorite Saiyan.

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Will fans see Goku Xeno transform into Super Saiyan 4?

New bios

The official website of “Dragon Ball Heroes” was recently updated. If you visit the site, you will now see the bios of different characters that will be featured in the much-awaited anime mini-series.

One of the most interesting characters that caught the attention of many fans is that of Son Goku: Xeno. On his Twitter [VIDEO] account, popular anime content creator and translator Herms shared the translated version of the character bios of the upcoming anime.

According to the bio, this new character is the other version of the fan-favorite Saiyan from another dimension and works for the Time Patrol. It was also revealed that he is investigating the Prison Planet. While the bio gives little hints about this other version of the fan-favorite Saiyan, his image in the website reveals a lot about him. While he is a spitting image of Son Goku, his hair discloses that he is on his Super Saiyan 4 form.

Who is more powerful?

In “Dragon Ball Super” fans witnessed how the fan-favorite Saiyan broke through his limits and achieved his Ultra-Instinct form.

This form is so powerful that it nearly defeated the strongest Pride Trooper—Jiren the Gray. If this is the form that fans would like to compare with Super Saiyan 4 Goku: Xeno, it seems that the latter will be easily defeated by this form.

However, if base on the arcade game, it appears that Goku defeated his counterpart from another dimension. But Super Saiyan 4 Xeno and Super Saiyan Blue Goku [VIDEO] seems to be an even match. Even his counterpart was astonished seeing a character with equally the same physical features as his with powers and forms that he has no idea about.

So, there, Super Saiyan 4 Xeno and Super Saiyan Blue Goku at these forms appear to have the same power levels. Fans will get to know more about Xeno when the upcoming anime mini-series “Dragon Ball Heroes” airs on July 1, 2018. On the other hand, the much-awaited anime movie “Dragon Ball Super” will air in theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018.