Why is “My Hero Academia” so popular? "My Hero Academia" is rapidly becoming Shounen Jump’s hottest new anime, second only to the legendary "One Piece". Even though it's in second place, even getting that far is no easy feat. Especially when you are going up against sequels to big name anime series such as “Dragon Ball Super” and “Boruto: Naruto next generation” so what sets Hero-Aca apart from its contemporaries? After all, it utilizes the same shounen anime trope of an underdog protagonist receiving an immense power up, and we join him on his journey as he becomes number one. The difference is Hero-Aca does this and more. You don’t have to recreate the wheel. Instead, tweak it a bit to make it better, and this is exactly what Kohei Horikoshi did with “My Hero Academia.” With that said join me as I analyze why “My Hero Academia” is so popular.


Fight scenes

Fight scenes are the bread and butter of the battle shounen genre. It takes only one good fight scene to make a shounen anime such as “My Hero Academia” to have a cult following. However, Hero-Aca went beyond plus ultra style in this department. Yes, the animations and fight choreography were amazing, but those are not the only factors that determine whether or not a fight scene is great. What contributes to the overall quality of a fight scene is what it means to the characters involved, and how it affects their character development. Hero-Aca does its best to get us invested in its characters, so when they finally duke it out we not only see the clash of their fits but also the clash of their ideals.


An example of this is the epic fight between Izuku and Todoroki during the tournament arc. During the fight, we saw both of their ideals on display, and because we knew the background of each character, we also knew how much this fight meant to both of them. This gave an overall depth to the fight, and all though Todoroki won the match in the end as the audience we knew Izuku had won the battle.

World building

Hero-Aca takes place in a world where Syndrome, the villain from the first Incredibles movie vision. Almost everybody is super, and you would think this would put everyone on an equal playing field, but you would be wrong. Some people are more super than others resulting in the birth of villains and heroes.


Although mankind has evolved and approximately 20 percent of the population possess some form of super-quirks, the society still resembles our society. This makes it easy to relate to the world of Hero-Aca and can help one draw many parallels between the two worlds.


The soundtrack for “My Hero Academia” is breathtaking, not to mention the epic OP’s. Try to imagine the fight between All Might and Nomu without the epic “You Say Run” soundtrack, impossible right? The soundtracks in Hero-Aca bring the entire production to life so much so it became a minor meme in the anime community. The soundtracks are selected exquisitely for each scene. Whether the scene should be epic or emotional the soundtracks of Hero-Aca knows how to set the mood and does it best to sell it to the audience.

Character development

So I saved the best for last. Hero-Aca has excellent character development and I am not just referring to the major characters, but also the minor ones. The characters are fleshed out properly, and each one has their own motivation for wanting to be a hero.

I could talk all day about “My Hero Academia” and why it is amazing, as you can see I am a huge Hero-Aca fanboy. That said, expect to see a weekly analysis of "My Hero Academia" episodes from now on. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.