The third season of “My Hero Academia” started out with a blast and even though it is still ongoing, it is not pulling any punches. No pun intended. The third season is doing its best to cement “My Hero Academia” as one of the most epic anime series of the last decayed. As I stated before in a previous article, one of the reasons the game is so popular is its fight scenes, and boy, oh boy, does it know how to deliver on that. One of the most epic fight scenes, of this season, is the fight between Izuku and Muscular.


The fight kept us on the edge of our seats and “My Hero Academia” did its best to build the tension in our hearts, while properly evoking all the feelings and emotions to us as the audience. I am sure you would agree with me that this fight was amazing. But what made it so great? Join me as I begin to analyze all aspects of the fight scene to determine what made it so awesome.

The setting

When the vanguard action squad of the League of Villains infiltrated the students of Class A and B training camp, it took the instructors and students by surprise.

This resulted in a lot of chaos among teachers and students alike. In the middle of all the chaos, Izuku took off to look for Kota (the cousin of one of the instructor) to ensure he was safe. To his surprise, the villain Muscular was already there.

Not having any backup, this was going to be Izuku’s first one-on-one fight with a villain. Having to protect Kota, Izuku did not have any choice but to stand his ground and face off with this terrifying villain. The stage was set and stars were aligned for the epic battle between Izuku and Muscular. This got our hearts pumping as we held on to our seats to witness the character we had all grown to love proves himself as the hero he aspires to be.


The fight

The fight scene was animated perfectly and was well-adapted from the manga, as expected by the studio, Bones Inc. However, that’s not what made this fight scene epic for me. What had me on the edge was the role that Izuku had to play. Izuku had to act as a hero for the young Kota, and despite being utterly outmatched by the raw power of Muscular; Izuku had to use his quick thinking and analytical skills to protect Kota from the imminent threat Muscular posed. Izuku was determined to protect Kota no matter the cost even if it means laying down his life.

Overwhelmed by the immense power of Muscular, it seems Izuku’s life was going to reach a premature end, however, seeing Izuku risk his pushed Kota to release a burst of water. This did not affect Muscular at all, but gave Izuku the resolve to fight back taking down Muscular with a one million percent smash. The fight choreography was amazingly executed and the transitions were beautifully done.

Feelings and emotions

“My Hero Academia” did its best to appeal to our feelings and emotions in this fight.


From making the villain the one who killed Kota’s parents making him resent the notion of heroes, to us seeing Izuku get crushed into the ground in tears thinking that will be as far as he goes. We could feel each characters' pain, and when Kota saw what it really meant to be a hero, we as an audience also saw what it means to be a hero in the world of this game. Also, the soundtrack used in this fight was epic! “Worthy rival wrote and read as friend” is my new favorite “My Hero Academia” soundtrack. It had me feeling happy, sad, and hyped all at the same time. "My Hero Academia" knows how to get you pumped, and they use it to their advantage each time.

This fight was epic and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I will post analysis articles such as this one as well as weekly episode review of “My Hero Academia” and "Boruto: Naruto next generation." Stay tuned and have an amazing day.