"My Hero Academia" season 3 episode 7 aired a couple hours ago, and boy was it a good one! The episode was filled with heart-wrenching moments that made me tear up a bit. In this article, I will be analyzing the various events that occurred in this episode from my perspective. The article will be divided into two sections, a summary followed by an analysis. So, join me as I take a detailed look at episode 7 of "My Hero Academia."


The episode started off showing us what was happening concurrently when Mr.


Compress snatched Bakugo and Tokoyami. We got to see Vlad King, class B's homeroom teacher, getting into a little skirmish with one of Dabi's clowns. That gave us a little insight into what Vlad King's quirk is.

The episode then shifts to the action with Izuku, Todoroki, and Shoji tracking down Mr. Compress. The put up a fierce battle, but in the end, they were only able to rescue Tokoyami.

This turn of events resulted in the public having less faith in UA High, and by extension the hero society.


The episode showed both the climax and aftermath of the summer camp invasion. It also showed that no matter how hard the heroes may fight, some obstacles are still far out of their reach and that the villains in this series are a force to be reckoned with.

The episode also shows how fragile the public's faith in heroes is, and how easily it can be damaged.


The world of my "My Hero Academia" is very similar to ours, and as such the media plays a vital role in its society. The media has the trust of the public and whichever way it goes so does the public. With the media bashing UA, the public's faith in heroes is dwindling, and the league of villains is using this as an opportunity to grow in strength.

We also saw that Izuku's reckless actions did ultimately come back to haunt him. This is excellent as it proves that actions in "My Hero Academia" does have consequences.

We got an emotional scene with him identifying his shortcomings and knowing that to be the symbol of peace he aspires to be, he has to get stronger.

I think it is worth mentioning that most of what is happening is due to All Might not being at a 100 percent. You could see the resentment in him before he answered Kenji Tsuragamae phone call, hinting that his time as number one is slowly coming to an end.

As usual "My Hero Academia" did not fail to deliver another exceptionally well-executed episode.


That said, I would give this episode a respectable 8.5/10. It was an amazing episode, but we are talking about "My Hero Academia" here, so I could not rate it any higher when compared to previous episodes. I do a weekly analysis of "My Hero Academia" and "Boruto: Naruto next generation" so if you are interested in articles of that kind stay tuned to always be up-to-date with all the latest happenings. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.