"Teen Mom" has been in news for quite a while now, and now a star of the show, Jenelle Evans has managed to grab the headlines yet again by doing something unexpected. Well, she shocked all of us by allegedly pulling out a gun during a road rage incident. And she did this in front of her son. According to reports in US Weekly, she called 911 while she was in Bolivia, North Carolina and complained that some vehicle with a male driver was following her too closely.

Jenelle Evans driving

Jenelle further told them that her son was with her as had been at therapy and she was taking him back home.

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The car was following them right from the traffic signal and then slammed in front of their car which almost got sidelined on the road. But there is another side to it all.

According to InTouchWeekly, "She was driving like a bat out of hell," an anonymous source told Radar Online.

"There were little kids out there on the road. It could have caused a bad accident out there.She just drove straight out of there onto the highway"

Jenelle Evans who was quite afraid, further mentioned that the driver made her slam the brakes so hard that her "phone went flying somewhere." However, this is not what the male driver has to say. According to the driver, Jenelle [VIDEO] was actually blocking the traffic and he made an attempt to pass by her, but she flipped out and this then caused the mishap. And now after all this the man actually wants the authorities to charge Jenelle since he also accused her of following him to his house and pulling the gun on him.

The past controversy

This is not the first time that Jenelle has managed to grab the headlines. The mom of three made it into the news last time when she revealed that she tested positive for marijuana after giving birth to her daughter.

Yes, that's right! And not only this but her husband David Eason was eventually fired from the show for sharing some homophobic tweets on Twitter. And to handle this debacle, the show also issued a statement stating that they don't support his views and comments and have decided to end their relationship with him by firing him from the "Teen Mom [VIDEO]" show.

This decision was taken by the channel when fans of the show started urging them to fire the star since he called g** and transgender people 'abominations.' Well, apart from its drama, the show is also famous for other contestants and their stories. And so far all the contestants have grabbed the headlines for some good and some bad reasons. Stay tuned for more "Teen Mom" news and updates.