Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding had its fair share of critics especially when it comes to the 14-minute sermon offered up by Bishop Curry. It seems like one of Meghan's family members has amped up the drama by publically pleading with Meghan to listen to the words that were preached at her wedding. They want her to follow the preacher's lead and show "love" for her estranged family members.

While no one will ever know the complete details between Meghan and her half-sister's estrangement, some facts have surfaced. These tidbits seem to be enough to show what Meghan is up against when it comes to her half-sibling. The fact that Samantha, her half-sister, has claimed she is writing a book about her sister called "The Diary of a Pushy Princess" might be enough to make any sibling a bit standoffish. Just from the title alone, you get the idea that it isn't meant to be flattering.


What a U-turn!

According to The Sun, wanting to reconcile with her sister is a giant U-turn for Samantha, whose relationship with Meghan was "so toxic" that she was penning a book condemning her sibling. What Samantha is gunning for today is for the new bride to let bygones be bygones and embrace her family members once again.

Another embarrassing headline surfaced over the weekend when Meghan's nephew, Tyler Dooley, who was not invited to the wedding, made his way to London anyway. He was there with his mother, who is Meghan's ex-sister-in-law. She was married to Meghan's half-brother Thomas. The only member of Meghan's family who was at the wedding as an invited guest was her mom.

Uninvited wedding guests

Several of Meghan's family members flew into London to be there during the Royal Wedding despite not being invited to any of the events, including the nuptials.


Still, Tyler, his girlfriend, his older brother, and his mother were there in London, and it was when they were bar hopping in that city on Saturday night that Tyler made his way into the headlines.

It seems that Dooley was scheduled to act as a commentator for the Royal Wedding for a popular British TV show, but they canceled his gig. That is what reportedly brought the extended family members to London in the first place, but for some reason, the TV show no longer requested their service.

Narrowly avoids arrest

The Daily Beast reports that Dooley "narrowly" avoided being arrested by the police in London after he surrendered his knife to a bouncer at the door of a club. Dooley voluntarily surrendered the 4-inch blade knife at the door, but when the club staff told him the cops would be called, he bolted.


Donald Trump played a part in this?

After fleeing the club, police caught up with him at his hotel room. He said he was carrying the knife because of something Donald Trump had said. He said he heard Donald Trump say London was a dangerous city, so he carried the knife with him while visiting.

The London cops talked with Dooley and understood the circumstances surrounding the knife. The fact that he surrendered it to the door work also worked in his favor, so he was not charged. Despite the law letting him off, the media didn't. This incident made one embarrassing headline for Meghan and the Royal Family.

Why can't her extended family members take a backseat to Meghan's fame? Are they attempting to ride in on Meghan's wedding coattails? Meghan shouldn't be chastised for any of this as she can't control their actions. With that said it still has to be embarrassing to have your family members to show up in the headlines with nothing positive about their behaviors reported.