Farrah Abraham stunned social media followers once again after logging on to her nine-year-old daughter Sophia's social media pages, posting some disturbing photos. Most "Teen Mom OG" fans are well aware that Farrah Abraham's parenting techniques have been more than questionable over the years. A report by The Hollywood Gossip provided many details used in this article.

Is Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia destined to be just like mom?

The decisions she has made when it comes to Sophia have upset more people than not.

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In the beginning, some even chalked it up to Farrah's young age and inexperience, however, when things continuously grow worse and worse you just have to chalk it up to poor parenting.

Abraham is certainly used to receiving criticism from all directions, especially when it comes to Sophia.

Is Farrah placing her child at risk?

As previously reported, Farrah Abraham defended herself earlier this year after revealing that she keeps naked pictures of her daughter [VIDEO] on her phone. She also took it a step further admitting that she allowed Sophia to also photograph her naked, and keep the pictures on her cell. Farrah considers herself a free spirit and has no qualms in keeping Sophia in the loop about just how she manages to make her money, whether it be with her businesses or her career in the adult entertainment world.

Abraham is certainly not going to be winning any Mother of the Year awards anytime soon. Most social media followers have revealed they could care less what she does, but it worries them how she is constantly placing the little girl in potential danger.

As previously reported, Farrah and Sophia headed off on vacation, and Farrah stopped by the Cannes Film Festival. While walking the red carpet Farrah, wearing a very racy deep slit, moved the dress to one side while being photographed, revealing her bare crotch [VIDEO] to onlookers and photographers. The most recent parenting no-no came after Farrah logged into Sophia's Instagram account posting pictures of them at the beach. Farrah was wearing a very revealing one-piece thong swimsuit. It is not so much the suit in particular that shocked followers, who have grown accustomed to Farrah exposing herself. However, it was the caption that Sophia posted which reads "I love my mamas booty!"

It has been debated as to who may have actually captioned the photo, considering Sophia's account states that it is managed by Farrah. However, either way, there is something clearly very disturbing here. Sophia is obviously being exposed to way too much adult content, and situations. So many believe Farrah is too concerned with molding her daughter into a miniature version of herself and being her best friend than she is about raising her right.

It is a shame that Sophia has not been permitted to be a child, I just hope that one day all of this does not come back to cause some major problems in Sophia's life when she becomes a little older. Then again, most fear that the damage has already been done. What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham's latest parenting fails?