One of the most successful Movies of all "Dragon Ball" and that definitely has impacted the fans of the series is the eighth movie of the franchise titled “Dragon Ball Z: The Legendary Super Saiyan [VIDEO].” This movie was one of the few (back then) that was premiered in the movie theater and it was a sensation all over the world. The movie was premiered in 1993 and has a runtime of about an hour and a half. Here we have an introduction to the movie and what it is about.

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The movie tells us the story of an unknown warrior that has caused great disasters in the Southern Galaxy. This person is a creature from planet Vegeta, the planet where Goku and Vegeta were born.

According to the northern Kaiosama, this warrior would be the legendary Super Saiyan [VIDEO].

The story of the legendary Super Saiyan was famous at planet Vegeta, as it was said that one warrior would appear among thousands standing out from the rest, having amazing powers. When Goku transformed himself into the Super Saiyan against Frieza, it was believed that the legend was over, since the Super Saiyan was Son Goku. However, other Saiyan warriors such as Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks were able to attain that transformation.

In this movie, we are shown a Saiyan warrior by the name of Broly, who has a psychological profile that fits that of a madman. The reason behind this madness is simple, and that is that even though as a child he had a power of over 10,000 units, a weak and low-class baby like Goku cried much louder, demonstrating more guts than the mighty Broly.

Here you can watch the story of the legendary Super Saiyan with the movie.

Interesting facts

One of the interesting things about this movie was how powerful Broly really was. According to some, Broly's power was superior to that of the perfect Cell. However, Broly didn't have exact control of his strength, so he had trouble controlling all his abilities. On the other hand, Cell had precise control of his powers and was a more troublesome enemy than Broly.

Another interesting fact is that Gohan, at that time, was the most powerful warrior thanks to his Super Saiyan transformation. But, he couldn’t do anything against Broly.

Despite being in a desperate moment, Gohan was never close to releasing his maximum powers. If he had released them, surely Gohan could have easily defeated Broly, as long as he didn't continue to increase his powers indefinitely as he did throughout the movie.

I remind you that this year a new "Dragon Ball Super" movie will be premiered, which is named “The origin of the Saiyans.