The famous "Dragon Ball" saga has surprised everybody with its new series. There's talk of the new anime's storyline being set directly after the Tournament of Power. However, we should not consider this to be a direct continuation; nor as a canonical continuation in any way. The developers naturally want to put on a fabulous show for the public.

The theme of this new show hasn’t been specified in complete detail yet. Some people say it’s set in an alternate universe, others say that some experiments between Goku and Vegeta will be done. The truth is that the first pieces of the story have already come to light, and will be explained here.

How long will the new 'Dragon Ball' anime last?

This new anime will last about 28 episodes according to


They also said that it will have a possible continuation for future projects as well. As for the start date, it’s expected to debut in July, they already have the first episodes, and the series would be set to end in two months.

History of the new 'Dragon Ball' anime

As for the story, it might be adapted to the frozen planet saga, have broader content and be set to chronologically occur just after what happened at the tournament of power.

There are many ways we could see the outcome of Goku and Vegeta's training sessions. It is anticipated that the two warriors would mirror each other in Super Saiyan Blue.

Trunks is expected to come into the storyline at the beginning with his time machine, and the intention of training with Goku and Vegeta.


From this point of view, it’s said that there will be many surprises about enemies of the future.

Whis will find the way to generate the Ultra Instinct again. It might sound a little crazy, but some fans have revealed that Goku from GT saga, known for having the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, will face Goku’s Blue Saiyan. Both will realize that they have transformations that the other one doesn’t do, so they will seek to prove their powers. While this happens, Vegeta will detect an evil Ki.

While it's sure to be a fabulous show, it's still unknown if the show will be broadcast directly to television or if it will only be available online. At this moment, fans will be left to speculate about any more news about the new anime series.


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