A new Saiyan character was recently introduced to the “Dragon Ball Super” fandom. Many fans are intrigued about whether they are going to see the new character in the upcoming animated film of the same title. Almost a couple of months ago, the fan-favorite anime TV series temporarily halted airing fresh episodes. The series ended with Universe 7 winning the hotly contested Tournament of Power. The team behind the upcoming animated film has been extremely discreet about dropping hints about what the fans could expect from it.

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Right now, there is a growing air of impatience within the fandom for lack of topics to talk about. Many fans are now linking the new Saiyan to the upcoming animated movie.

Evil Saiyan

In a comment made by the legendary creator Akira Toriyama, and uploaded on the official website of “Dragon Ball Super,” he mentioned a very important detail.

According to Toriyama-san [VIDEO], the upcoming movie will feature unexplored topics about the Saiyans. When Toei Animation dropped the first-ever trailer of the upcoming movie, fans speculated that the movie might introduce a new breed of Saiyans. Others believe that the character might be ancient one since the video shows a character on top of a snow-capped mountain.

The popular card game called “Dragon Ball Heroes” recently unveiled a new Saiyan character. The image was picked up and uploaded on Twitter by an anime content creator named TheDevilCorpse. The uploaded image shows a Saiyan in a straitjacket with a gas mask covering his mouth. According to the content creator, the identity of the Saiyan has not yet been revealed, but he is shown in possession of the dragon ball with five stars.

It appears that the character is a part of the expansion of the popular card game.

Linked to the movie

The character has striking physical features that resemble those of Raditz. His eyes are whited-out and he is confined in a contraption designed by Fu of the Prison Planet mission. According to the latest information [VIDEO], the character uses gigantic shadowy hands when he fights. It was also revealed that he is strong and can face off Son Goku even if the fan-favorite character goes Super Saiyan Blue. Many fans believe that based on Toriyama’s revelation, this new evil character could also be seen in the movie.

While it's still wishful thinking, who knows? Maybe fans will soon see this evil Saiyan in a straitjacket in the upcoming movie. “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to be released in theaters in Japan this December 14, 2018. Fans are hoping that a simultaneous worldwide release will happen.