Its been a few months since "Dragon Ball Super" finished. The last few months have been difficult for the fans of the anime since it ended in a hurry and on such a high note. But today, some incredible news was revealed that is sure to please fans of the franchise.

New anime coming to television

Today, thanks to Shonen Jump magazine, it has been confirmed that a new series is coming to television.


However, it’s not something that fans may expect, and it may be even more innovative and surprising than we know. As many fans know, aside from the original story ("Dragon Ball") there’s an alternate story called “Dragon Ball Heroes.” This story is part of an exclusive arcade game. However, it was confirmed that this famous story will be brought to television screens in anime format.

Characters like Vegetto, Broly, Goku Xeno, Vegeta Xeno, and more will be seen, along with new villains and a new story. Lately, its been promoted a lot, but many fans likely never expected that "Dragon Ball Heroes" would get the anime treatment.

Premiere date

On July 1 of this year, there will be a preview of the first episode as part of a premiere event.


The official launch for television will come later. It is rumored that these episodes will be more like an OVA, but nothing concrete has been revealed. Currently, it’s unknown if the episodes will premiere on a weekly or monthly basis, but we believe it will bring many interesting, daring stories, and exciting, new scenarios.

For those who might not be very familiar with “Dragon Ball Heroes,” it should be noted that this series is not part of the official canon of the anime created by Akira Toriyama; it’s more like what was once "Dragon Ball GT." This doesn’t mean that the series is going to fail -- as was the case with "GT" at the time, but we believe it’s risky since the story of this anime differs from the main canon.


Time travel, unusual fusions, unique transformations, and new characters -- these are but a few things that fans can likely expect once this new series finally launches. With the premiere date still about two months away, expect more details as the premiere draws closer. Be sure to stay tuned until then, and maybe re-watch some "Dragon Ball Super" episodes in the meantime.

Here are some "Dragon Ball Heroes" scenes in the video below:

We remind you that on December 14 the new "Dragon Ball Super" film will be released. Here is a trailer for the upcoming film: