Dragon Ball Super” movie is one of the most anticipated films in 2018. When it was first announced in February 2018, fans were a bit adamant that it should be a good one this time because previous movies based on the popular franchise were mostly disappointing. However, several details about the upcoming animated movie have been recently revealed that changed the fandom’s perspective. Toei Animation released the movie’s first ever trailer that further hyped the fans. One of the most interesting details that intrigued most of the fans is the new opponent that Son Goku is going to face.

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Interestingly, the legendary creator himself has already shared some details about the fan-favorite Saiyan’s next antagonist.

Toriyama’s comment

The team behind the upcoming movie, “Dragon Ball Super,” recently updated news about it.

They have now shown the first ever trailer as well as a commentary from the legendary creator—Akira Toriyama. Toriyama-san revealed interesting details about the movie. This includes information about Son Goku’s new opponent [VIDEO]. According to the legendary creator, the fan-favorite Saiyan is going to face a mighty antagonist that was specially created for the movie. It may be recalled that in the trailer, this opponent was already teased. He is garbed with clothing similar to that of Raditz. Noticeably, he has a tail, a typical attribute of a pure-blooded Saiyan.

Toriyama-san also shared that the movie will pick up where the TV anime series stopped, according to Kazenshuu. This means that it will continue from where the Tournament of Power ends. The creator also revealed that the movie will give fans a better understanding of Frieza and the Saiyans [VIDEO], which he claimed that he has not properly shown until now.

Toriyama also assured the fandom that they are going to enjoy the animated movie.

Many fans have already speculated on the identity of the new antagonist in the movie. Some believe that the new opponent could be an ancient Saiyan since he has a tail. This also coincides with the latest information that the movie is going to take place in the past and the present timelines. Several other fans claim that the Saiyan could be the Super Saiyan God Yamoshi who was mentioned in the anime TV series in the “Battle of the Gods.”

Other details

So far, there is no official confirmation yet on the real identity of the new character that will test Son Goku’s fighting prowess. Fans only know that it is going to be a multilayered story with Akira Toriyama providing 20 pages of story, new characters, machines, and at least one new planet. “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to be released in theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018.