"Dragon Ball Super" series ended on a grand note with the 'Tournament of Power.' The Universe Survival arc was won by the Universe 7 defeating Universe 11. Now, fans are looking forward to watching the movie, which is releasing in December. As per the reports, the movie based on the series will focus more on the history of Saiyans and the origin of Saiyans. A lot has been spoken and written about the film, but after all the speculations, the makers of the film have finally announced something important about the film.


The story of 'Dragon Ball Super' film

The latest reveals suggest that the "Dragon Ball Super" movie will have a multilayered story. Yes, Dragon Room chief Akio Iyoku has confirmed that the movie will showcase both past and present story and hence will be seen in multiple settings. In fact, the creator of the show Akira Toriyama has provided over 20 sheets of designs for the characters, machine and one new planet. The amalgamation of past and present will help in the progression of the story.

All of this does make sense since the reports in the past have also suggested that the movie will reveal the history of Universe 7's Saiyan and the story of very first Super Saiyan God.

Not only the Saiyans, but Freeza will also play an essential role in the film. Another big reveal that adds to all this is that the story might connect Saiyan's past to the Goku's current situation and his potential. It will also explain Goku's unique ability to evolve and charge up quickly and will help the movie to build up a story.

Goku and the first Super Saiyan God

However, the combination of the past and present will only be exciting if Goku himself essays the past and present characters, instead of just showing the flashback.


And an actual action in the past and present would be more effective and powerful for the film. In fact, the trailer of the film also shows Goku fighting with another Saiyan, now if that Saiyan is the first Super Saiyan God or it's some other Saiyan from other Universe, we will come to know only after watching the film.

Well, all the speculations will be answered when the movie hits the theatres in December. Until then, all these speculations are building up the hype for the film. In fact, some theatre owners in Japan have started distributing flyers for the film in advance.

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