There are many surprises that Toei Animation has prepared under their sleeves after the finale airing of "Dragon Ball Super." Fans all over the world can now enjoy the latest mobile games with new and interesting characters in "Dragon Ball Legends." The team has also designated a new team to handle everything related to the popular franchise. On top of that, fans will also see for the first time the popular arcade game "Dragon Ball Heroes" in action. The team is going to run a mini-series of the arcade game that will start on July 1, 2017. But there is something more, and this one is about the upcoming animated film.


Latest update

The animated movie "Dragon Ball Super" is scheduled to air on December 2018. However, fans are starting to get tidbits of information about the animated film. On the social networking site Twitter, popular anime content creator, and translator Herms shared another interesting detail about the movie. According to him, fans are going to witness an exclusive footage from the movie. This would further shed some more light on what the movie is about. However, there is a catch to this announcement.

According to Herms, this exclusive footage will be available during the series tour. The tour in question is the DB North America Tour. It will commence on July and will run until October 2018. The tour will also feature many DB figures. The latest information about the upcoming movie does not reveal additional details about what this exclusive video will be about.

Other details

Earlier, Toei Animation released the first-ever trailer for the upcoming animated movie.


It shows Son Goku wearing his iconic orange Gi while getting ready for a battle against an enemy whose identity is not yet disclosed. Several fans speculate that the fan-favorite Saiyan could be fighting against an ancient Saiyan that was imprisoned on ice. This belief stemmed from the video where Goku is shown in icy tundra and his enemy is looking down on him while standing on top of an icy hill. The upcoming movie is originally created by the legendary Akira Toriyama himself. Toriyama-san submitted 20 pages containing new characters, machines, and at least one new planet.

Many fans are intrigued by the identity of Goku's new opponent as well as Frieza's role in the upcoming movie.

"Dragon Ball Super" will be available in the theaters of Japan on December 14, 2018. Fans are hoping for a worldwide simultaneous release. However, Toei Animation is yet to confirm this. The upcoming movie will feature Frieza and the story of the Saiyans that fans have almost already forgotten.