Interesting details on the upcoming movie titled “Dragon Ball Super” have been recently revealed by one of the top guys working on the film. Since March 25, fans of the hit anime TV series have been feeling empty and sad because of its absence. Toei Animation has since hyped the upcoming movie by releasing tidbits of information to the fandom. While the first-ever trailer has already debuted, it appears that it triggered more speculations than enlightenment. Interestingly, DB Room Chief Akio Iyoku recently revealed fascinating information that unveiled the details of Akira Toriyama’s involvement in the movie.


How much of the movie is Toriyama?

The official website of “Dragon Ball Super,” recently released “Dragon Ball: Movie Frontline.” This will feature the freshest information about the upcoming animated film, including interviews with the staff. As the first in the series of these interviews, DB Room Chief Akio Iyoku graced the website and revealed how involved the legendary creator Akira Toriyama is with the movie. On the social networking site, Twitter, fan-favorite anime content creator and translator Herms translated into English the interview.

According to Iyoku-san, Toriyama initially provided the story in May 2017 when it was officially decided that the movie would focus on the Saiyans.

However, the legendary creator was worried because he finds the story too short. Several adjustments were made and it turned out to be a lengthy one. Toriyama-san delivered 20 sheets of machine designs and characters. The chief reveals that the creator also provided at least one new planet. Akira Toriyama also personally chose animator Naohiro Shintani to handle the character design.


The creator preferred an artist who could draw according to his preferences. He wants to make sure that the creator designer understands how to perfectly provide balance to the character’s body while wearing a martial arts costume.


Aside from the details of Toriyama’s involvement, Chief Akio Iyoku also shares the settings of the upcoming movie.

He reveals that the story will take place in the past, present, and in multiple settings. Fans are excited, knowing that it has a refreshing take on the timeline of the franchise. The setting could also be linked to the possibility that Son Goku might face a new breed of Saiyans. It is also possible that one of his opponents could be frozen in ice and was thawed and awakened.

The upcoming animated movie “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018. Fans are expecting that it will be simultaneously released worldwide.


However, this has yet to be officially confirmed.