Over the years, Goku has learned many techniques such as the Kamehameha, the Genkidama, the Kaioken, the teleportation, and others. However, the evolution in terms of special techniques and skills has continued in "Dragon Ball Super," although on a larger scale and with highly destructive techniques.

Today (May 8) a new official technique for Goku was announced on the Twitter page for "Dragon Ball Super." We could watch this technique in the manga, more precisely in the battle that the Saiyan had with fused Zamasu. I'm talking about the preferred technique of the gods of destruction, that is, the Hakai.


Official announcement

As you can see, the image is from Dragon Ball's many card games. Here we can see an image of Goku with his right arm extended and a purple energy sphere surrounded by many energy rings of the same color, a hallmark of the technique of the gods of destruction.

Hakai’s history

Hakai is a technique used by the gods of the destruction of the 12 universes.

Its main goal is to destroy, getting to destroy things at the molecular level without leaving a trace of them. Such is the power of this technique that Goku used against fused Zamasu and could have defeated it even though it is immortal. Unfortunately, Zamasu used a dirty trick with which he distracted Goku and the technique couldn’t be carried out properly.

It is not known exactly how Goku managed to master this ability. It’s believed that the Hakai is not a unique ability of the gods as it consists only of concentrating a great deal of power in the palm of the hand and then expelling it as if it were an explosion.


Of course, users who master the Hakai energy will be able to perform the technique in a much simpler way, unlike users that dominate a normal Ki or divine energy, such as Son Goku.

Will we see this technique in the movie?

After reading this information I'm wondering if we will see the amazing power of Hakai in the new "Dragon Ball" movie, which will be premiered in December of this year. Since after this announcement I would think that Goku might use it. Unfortunately, from my perspective, I believe that Goku won’t use the technique of the gods of destruction since it’s an unfair technique and must be used at the last minute, that is, as a last resort.

Everyone knows that Goku enjoys fights and using this technique will be quite boring for him, as he would not be able to enjoy a pleasant fight as he likes, but would end the fight quickly and not be able to quench his thirst for battle.

So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, I will be communicating it as quickly as possible.