The main character of "Dragon Ball Super," Son Goku, has several different transformations and states. Fans saw the latest transformation of this Saiyan in the Tournament of Power, which was Ultra Instinct. However, this wasn’t a transformation, but, more precisely, a fighting style.

The card game "Dokkan Battle" recently revealed a new transformation for Goku. This card game has nothing to do with the canon of the series, but it is considered part of the franchise created by Akira Toriyama.

Berserker transformation

The transformation we can see in this card game is the same as ordinary Super Saiyan Goku, with the difference being that Goku, this time, is in a very similar state to that of Berserker Broly and Kale.


A distinctive feature of this state is the eyes, which lose their pupils and go all white. On the other hand, we see a short animation of Goku in the arcade game “Dragon Ball Heroes” where we can see him in the same state, with blonde hair and white eyes.


What fans want to know about the transformations of their favorite characters is the power they possess. This time, Goku's power in Super Saiyan Berserker would be far greater than that of Super Saiyan 3. As we saw at the tournament, Kale, in his Berserker state, was able to rival Goku while he was in Super Saiyan Blue. Unfortunately, this state is difficult to control, which causes problems, since his strength accumulates in his body over time.

With that said, there is the possibility that such power could cause him to burst, which may even lead to death.

It’s clear that Goku cannot achieve this state if you follow the canon, since this state has only been seen in characters that classify themselves as legendary warriors such as Broly and Kale. However, the latter wasn’t a legendary Saiyan, but a warrior with great hidden potential, unlike Broly, who is classified as a legendary Super Saiyan (at least in the movies).


It should be noted that the game “Dokkan Battle” isn’t canon, in other words, it is not part of the official series and films.


But, it’s considered official since it is part of the franchise, games, and exclusive merchandise. In addition, it brings with it several interesting transformations and exclusive information about some characters, as well as some unique animations.

So far, this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.