Dragon Ball Super” ended a few months ago with a very satisfying finale. Fans were happy with how the last episode concluded. It may be recalled that Son Goku, Android 17, and Frieza worked hand in hand to eliminate the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11—Jiren the Gray. Android 17 was the tournament’s MVP with Son Goku in taking Jiren out of the arena. As the MVP, 17 wish that all the erased universes get revived and everybody was happy. He got his dream cruise for his family and everything went back to normal. However, things are so different in the manga that it actually disappoints many fans.


Toyotaro’s way

The latest chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga appears to underline its massive difference to the anime. In chapter 36, Son Goku and the rest of the warriors from Universe 7 continue to fight for the survival of the universe. However, fans were surprised by Botamo’s elimination. In the anime, he was incessantly punched by Gohan until he was already in mid-air and helpless to fight back. The Saiyan fired a powerful Kamehameha and send him into the bleachers.

In the manga, instead of Gohan, Android 17 ringed him out.

From there, notable differences in the manga and anime just grew. 17’s twin, Android 18 was taken out of the tournament by an invisible opponent. It became more interesting when Krillin’s wife was joined shortly in the bleachers by Universe 4’s Ribrianne. It appears that the Maiden of Love was also eliminated by the smallest fighter, Damon. In the anime, Android 18 and Ribrianne were not eliminated by Damon.

Android 18 sacrificed herself in the anime by saving her brother 17. Ribrianne was ringed out by Android 18 after Krillin’s wife broke through her Lovely Love Love transformation.


In the latest chapter of the franchise’s manga, Piccolo was also eliminated by Damon. Piccolo and Gohan fought the Namekians from Universe 6 first before he was eliminated in the anime. With the way things fall, it seems that this is no longer going to happen in the manga.

Fans reactions

On Reddit, many fans reacted to the latest manga issue. According to a Redditor named zOmgFishes, while the anime made the tournament epic and grand, the manga made it feel like it side story. The user also observed that the manga is going too fast.

Reddit user keyblademaster333 said that the way Android 18 was eliminated was bad. Redditor Cosmic-Warper added that Piccolo was also eliminated in a bad way in the manga.

It appears that many surprising things are going to happen as the “Dragon Ball Super” manga continues. Who knows, Android 17 might not be the MVP when the Tournament of Power ends.