The worldwide fandom of "Dragon Ball Super" is excited for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super: The Movie," but aside from that, everyone is still waiting for another anime series. Since the last series, many things have changed in the franchise because of the interesting storyline and many new revelations about Goku and the worlds around him. Will this affect the next anime series?

Apparently, the occurrences in "Dragon Ball Super" will have a huge impact on the next series of the franchise. Even the new history of the Saiyans and the divine order is something that needs more explanation in the anime.


So, what can we expect? How will the future of Goku and the Z-fighters look like? Which fan theories will actually happen in the anime?

Goku will shake up the divine order

Fans have seen how powerful Goku was with this Ultra Instinct, while it appears that no one can surpass the power of Jiren. The powers of both Goku and Jiren rival that of the Grand Priest, the gods, and the angels. This might mean that it will have a big effect on the divine order of the multiverse. Possibly, this will be tackled in the next anime.

Power up will be explained

Everyone was surprised with Goku's Ultra Instinct and the new level of power of Vegeta. With that, these will be explained in the upcoming anime. Aside from that, other characters like Gohan, Goten and Trunks will also power-up. Even fighters from other universes like Hit, Jiren, and the Universe 6 Saiyans will have a power-up progress.

More powerful villains

Since Goku and the other fighters are now more powerful, fans will expect to see more powerful antagonists because if not, their matches will not be that exciting.


The finale of "Dragon Ball Super" showed that Freiza is now back to rule his world and he even got more universes to conquer. He might even work with Frost. We have also seen how he powered up to Golden Frieza which makes him a lot stronger.

But apart from Frieza, there could be other strong villains who will appear in the anime. This could be the character that killed Jiren's family and friends or the Saiyan that Goku will face in the movie. It is also possible that there will be new versions of Cell or Buu or a non-canon character like Broly might join the series.

New characters and new allies

There is a big chance that Universe 7 will work with other universes once they encounter a villain that will ruin the multiverse. Goku will be allied with the Universe 6 since they are twin universe but he could also work with Jiren and other fighters. It would also be exciting to see non-canon characters in the anime series.

Battles in the multiverse

After "Dragon Ball Super" showed that there are many universes, the battles will no longer be limited in Universe 7.


This means that the battlefield of Goku and the rest of the gang has expanded. This also means that there will be more time travel stories as they visit various timelines in the multiverse.