Dragon Ball Heroes” recently revealed the identities of the new characters that will join Son Goku on his new adventure in Prison Planet. Since “Dragon Ball Super” ended in March of 2018, fans have been waiting for updates. Fortunately, the long wait may finally be over as a new anime series is going to air soon. New details about the new faces that fans will see are now available online.

Goku’s new opponent

The official website for “Dragon Ball Heroes” recently updated character bios.

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These characters will be in the new anime series that will debut on July 1, 2018. One of the most interesting revelations [VIDEO] in the latest update is the bio of the character named Evil Saiyan.

The Japanese text on the website was translated to English by the popular anime content creator and translator, Herms, and shared on Twitter.

According to the translated version, the Evil Saiyan is a mysterious fighter interred by Fu on the Prison Planet. The term interred means to place in a grave or tomb. The Evil Saiyan is further described as a Saiyan with astonishing power that overwhelms Goku and his friends. From the description, it appears that this mysterious character was intentionally interred on the Prison Planet.

While the reason for this is still unknown, it seems that his appearance says a lot about him. He is wearing a brown straitjacket and his mouth is covered. He has a pair of blank white eyes and has a full head of hair similar to that of Raditz in "Dragon Ball Z." His suit underlines that he could be a very powerful Saiyan but an uncontrollable warrior.

He could be like Kale in her Berserk form.

Other details

The latest character bio of the Evil Saiyan also reveals that he was interred on the Prison Planet by a mysterious man named Fu. This same character informed Vegeta and Son Goku [VIDEO] that Trunks was trapped on the Prison Planet. Fu could be an ally that could help them defeat the Evil Saiyan or a villain that lures Son Goku and Vegeta to the planet to be imprisoned. This is all just speculation for now, however.

Who do you think this Evil Saiyan is? Do you have a theory about his identity? Do you think he is really a bad Saiyan? Is he more powerful than Son Goku? Does he have other forms or transformations? Could the Evil Saiyan be Yamoshi?

Dragon Ball Heroes” will premiere in July of 2018. However, it is not yet clear if the anime is going to be available on any streaming sites or channels. Stay tuned for further updates.