There’s a little more than a month until the premiere of the new anime from "Dragon Ball." The new anime that will premiere on July 1 is called "Dragon Ball Heroes," and, for those who don’t know, this anime is a promotional series for the game of the same name. The first episode will premiere via an official event, according to a source from Toei Animation.

Previously, there was a short synopsis of the first episode from Otakuart, and, based on that, we will see one of the most anticipated battles -- Goku Xeno Super Saiyan 4 vs.


Goku Super Saiyan Blue. You may have already seen a short preview of this battle in an official animation from "SDBH," but here we’ll reveal the winner of this battle.


In March, the new "Dragon Ball Heroes" saga called "Planet Prison" was revealed. In the animation that was released, fans saw --for the first time -- the fight between different versions of Goku from different timelines. After a few days, thanks to the dialogue from the game itself, it was revealed that Goku Super Saiyan Blue was the winner of this fight.


In the official dialogue from the game, Goku Xeno says that his rival -- Goku Super Saiyan Blue -- is more powerful than him. In addition to this, he emphasizes that despite having fought with his maximum power, his opponent was not tired, while he was already very weak.

This information confirms the fight we’ll see in the first episode of this new anime. On the other hand, this makes a lot of sense, since Super Saiyan 4 is a multiple of the ordinary Super Saiyan, while Super Saiyan Blue is a completely different state altogether.


What is 'SDBH'?

"Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is an arcade game exclusive to Japan. But, in order to promote the game and expand it, they decided to create an anime that will tell the story of the current "Planet Prison" saga. In this saga, we’ll see characters such as Future Trunks, Mai, Fu (villain), Goku, Vegeta and the Kaioshins of time, as well as characters that are already known, such as Cooler and a very powerful new Saiyan enemy.

It’s expected that this new anime will have 12 episodes, which translates to about 3 months on the air if a new episode is released once a week.

If so, these episodes will help to tide fans over until the new "Dragon Ball Super" movie that will premiere on December 14: "The Origin of the Saiyans."

This has been the latest information about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more news, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.