The synopsis of the Prison Planet Arc of "Dragon Ball Heroes" was recently leaked. It may be recalled that, a few days ago, the “Dragon Ball” fandom was in an uproar when the news of a new anime series was dropped. The upcoming anime will be based on the popular arcade game and the first episode will be aired in July. It appears that the team behind the popular anime TV series "Dragon Ball Super" has many things under its sleeves. The timing is also very timely since the fandom is feeling sentimental after the fan-favorite series aired its last episode on March 25.


Latest Leak

The announcement about the new series "Dragon Ball Heroes" excited and thrilled the fandom. Aside from the new mobile game "Dragon Ball Legends" which is now available worldwide, the upcoming movie is still months away. It appears that this new anime is going to fill the void left for fans since the end of the Tournament of Power. On the social networking site, Twitter, popular animator and content creator, GovetaXV, shared the leaked synopsis of the first episode of the upcoming anime mini-series.

The first arc that fans will witness starting July 1, 2018, is titled "Planet Prison." According to GovetaXV, Trunks who came from the future will go to the present time to train with Son Goku and his father Vegeta. However, the young Saiyan disappeared. A character named Fu arrives and informs them that Trunks was trapped. He is in an unknown place otherwise called Prison Planet. The leaked synopsis is asking if Son Goku and his friends will be able to rescue Trunks with the help of the magical dragon balls.


New enemy

The latest leaked synopsis of episode 1 of the Planet Prison Arc reveals a new name, Fu. While the character is new to some of the fans, those that are playing "DB Xenoverse 2" are already familiar with the character.

His character debuted in the game mentioned above as well as in "DBH: Ultimate Charisma Mission." Fu is considered by Dabura as the successor to his throne, the Demon Realm. He is a scientist by profession, a skilled swordsman, and is effective in long-distance attacks. He has the ability to manipulate time rifts to call fighters from other worlds, dimensions, universes, and of course, time.

It appears that the upcoming anime has an interesting plot based on the latest synopsis. With a new enemy or character with a background as vibrant as this one, Son Goku and his friends are going to face another action-packed adventure.


"Dragon Ball Heroes" is going to start on July 1, 2018. There are no details yet if it is going to air on US channels and streaming sites.