It was over a banana pudding recipe and demonstration on "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning (May 31) that Diamond and Silk offered up a bit of their family history that seemed to surprise the morning show's hosts. These ladies are biological sisters, a revelation that hit Ainsley Earhart as a surprise.

Brian Kilmeade spoils the pudding?

Brian Kilmeade continued to push the segment along by quickly putting together the ingredients for banana pudding, which he didn't do correctly, according to Diamond and Silk. While the pudding demonstration was in full swing, one of the ladies mentioned that their mother used to make this for them when they were kids.

'Sisters' a revelation on Fox?

Ainsley's mouth dropped wide open as she asked the question: "You are sisters?" The blond Fox host continued on by saying she didn't know this. When she asked the other hosts, they didn't seem to know that Diamond and Silk are sisters. It is not a fact that the sisters hide, The Morning Call referred to them as sisters in an article it published at the beginning of May.

If you watch Fox News, you are familiar with Diamond and Silk, the social media celebrity duo.

They are frequently seen on the various shows on Fox News. So who are these ladies? According to The Morning Call, Diamond and Silk's real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson. These two sisters happened to catch the eye of Donald Trump long before he stepped foot into the White House and the rest is history.

Discovered by Donald Trump

The sisters are ex-democrats who are now die-hard Trump supporters. They were basically discovered by Donald Trump when a YouTube video crossed his path and he invited them to a campaign rally in their home state of North Carolina. That was back in 2015. After seeing that video candidate Trump was touched by what these ladies had to say.

Jump ahead to 2018 where you find Diamond and Silk with 674,000 Twitter followers and 1.6 million followers on Facebook. They recently made the headlines while appearing in front of Congress offering their testimonies on the censorship plaguing the social media companies.

They claimed Facebook was censoring their posts because they support Donald Trump. Their allegations were heard by Congress after Facebook deemed their content "unsafe." Facebook has since apologized and labeled the incident an "enforcement error," but the censorship had caused Diamond and Silk much angst.

Fox News favorites

Diamond and Silk have been awarded quite a bit of airtime on the Fox News channel in recent days. Besides making their banana pudding during Thursday morning's "Fox & Friends" show, they were also on Fox News during Wednesday's lineup (May 30) to explain why they don't believe Roseanne Barr is racist.

Ladies weigh-in on 'Roseanne'

This came on the heels of Roseanne Barr's show getting canceled over a racist tweet the comedian had posted on Twitter. They stated that "Roseanne is not a racist." They see the real problem as the liberal media figures and their never-ending attack against Donald Trump and his supporters. They believe that "Roseanne" should not have been canceled and they would have liked to see this issue explored on the sitcom. They added that "everyone should stop calling each other names." Diamond and Silk's support for President Trump has made them stars on TV and social media. They even have their own line of merchandise sporting their name on their website.