Derick Dillard keeps posting his opinions on social networks and upsetting people. This week "The View" decided to share their thoughts on Derick and it was pretty obvious that they aren't fans. Now, Derick Dillard is going to his Twitter to accuse the show of bullying him for his views.

'The View' doesn't love Derick

Not long ago, Derick Dillard started talking on Twitter about how he doesn't agree with the same-sex couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent raising a child. "The View" decided to talk about it on the show and they were not happy about his bigoted opinions at all.

Whoopi Goldberg and her co-host Joy Behar made sure to share their thoughts on him. They don't think that he has to agree with everyone's lifestyle, but maybe Derick shouldn't always voice his opinions. Co-host Sunny Hostin also said that she feels like he may not have "empathy" plus it is harder when you haven't been around same-sex couples very often. Of course, these people are different from Derick and he may never understand.

This isn't the first time that Derick Dillard has posted on Twitter and upset people. He has also made it very clear that he isn't a fan of Jazz Jennings and the fact that her family supports her decision to live as female after being born with male parts.

Derick Dillard shares his thoughts

Derick Dillard is now speaking out about what "The View" had to say about him and he isn't happy. The reality star went to Twitter saying, "Really?! Are my friends on The View really going to be our standard & champion for open-mindedness? Conviction doesn’t equal lack of open mindedness. We need to love all people [and] promote what’s best for everyone.

Most Americans believe this, but are fearful of bullying like this."

Derick doesn't seem to be able to stop posting his thoughts on social networks. This is what made him lose his job on "Counting On." It sounds like Jill might not be on the show anymore either. The fans want to see their children grow up, but it just doesn't look like that is going to end up happening.

They have decided to cut ties with Derick because of all of the things that he keeps saying.

Are you shocked that Derick Dillard would accuse the co-hosts of "The View" of bullying him? Do you really think they took it too far? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC this summer. It should be back soon and the fans can't wait to see it.