"Teen Mom OG" stars Cailyn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's marriage is reportedly not going as well as they have been telling fans, according to Radar Online reports. Radar claims that they have spoken with a close friend of Tyler and Caitlynn's who claims that "everything is not okay."

The source claims that anytime they have spoken with either Caitlynn Lowell or Tyler Baltierra and asked how they are, they have dodged talking about the other, which is extremely out of character for the young couple. The source also stated that they are not sure what is going on between Tyler and Cait these days, but something is definitely up and the clues are right in front of our faces.

Will Tyler Baltierra and Caitlynn Lowell's marriage survive?

First off, all "Teen Mom OG" fans are well aware that Tyler and Cait have been going through a lot over the past year or so. Caitlynn's depression, suicidal thoughts, and rehab stays have really placed a lot of stress and pressure on Tyler. Not to mention, Tyler has also been struggling with his own Bipolar Disorder diagnosis, caring for their young daughter Nova, remodeling a new home, and keeping their online business going, which has been extremely time consuming and difficult.

Is 'Teen Mom' cast destined to fail at life?

Recently, Caitlynn even changed her name back to Lowell from Baltierra on her social media pages, which raised concern.

Tyler Baltierra also failed to mention Caitlynn on Mother's Day on his social media pages. These actions are so not the norm for the couple. It really does have fans fearing the worst.

As previously reported, fan concern for Tyler Baltierra has been on the rise. His posts on Twitter have been very dark and cryptic of late. However, Tyler told fans not to worry, saying that he was only using social media as a release and that it is nothing that should be taken as anything else.

The worry continued when Tyler posted a poem he had written on social media that was extremely dark, and obviously about himself and Caitlynn.

Cait's recent interview with US Weekly added even more fuel to the fire that their marriage is not quite as happy as they have made it out to be. Lowell stated that she and Tyler were not getting a divorce.

However, she added that all couples go through a series of "ups and downs" and that it was normal and nothing that they could not work through.

Fans sure hope so. That said, they have been together since they were very young and despite having two children together and all that they have been through, the odds have been stacked against them. Fans are pulling for them, though, and believe that if any "Teen Mom OG" couple is destined to make it through, it's Tyler Baltierra and Caitlynn Lowell.