Anthony Hopkins reveals that he has not spoken with his daughter Abigail Harrison in more than 20-years. To top that, the "Silence of the Lamb" star also claims he is totally fine with it. Hopkins is completely at ease with the relationship status he shares with his 48-year-old daughter. In fact, he really knows nothing about her at all. He claims he has no clue where she lives, what she does, or even if she has children, according to Radar Online.

Anthony Hopkins 'cold' when it comes to his daughter

He just claims it is what it is.

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Anthony Hopkins also admits that he knows his attitude is "cold" on this matter. He defends his view on family life or non-family life in his case stating you just "get on with your life." "I don’t care one way or the other.

It is cold. Because life is cold,” the actor said. However, RO reports they did a little detective work and this is what they have discovered about Hopkin's 48-year-old daughter Abigail.

Fine with neither of them caring

The father and daughter have more in common than they each may realize. Abigail Harrison changed her last name to Harrison in hopes of breaking into show business. She also now works as an actress and theater director. Abigail and Anthony last spoke in the 90s, when Abigail starred in three of Anthony's hit films which included, "Shadowlands," "The Remains of the Day" and "Selected Exits." Following the filming, the two reportedly went their separate ways, never looking back.

“Children don’t like their fathers, you don’t have to love each other,” Sir Anthony Hopkins continued.

Hopkins also added that he is as happy now as he has ever been, perhaps happier living in Malibu with his third wife. This is considered a sad situation for some people, but, obviously, father and daughter are both very content in living their lives without each other in them. The reason for the father/daughter falling out is unknown, or non-existent, and the two just never really cared enough to carry on a relationship. It is a shame that Anthony and his daughter are estranged.

Abigail is Hopkins' only child and her dad is 80 years old. It seems sad to go so long without connecting, but, hey, it is their lives and their decision. As previously reported, Sir Anthony Hopkins shocked and amused thousands of social media followers in April after posting a selfie dance video [VIDEO] that went viral and had some people talking about the respected celebrity. What do you think of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ views on being estranged from his only daughter? Do you believe one day one, or both, will be sorry about their choices?