Last night a new season of "90 Day Fiance [VIDEO]" started and the fans were shocked when they saw Chantel and Pedro. A lot of people noticed that it looks like she had a couple of plastic surgeries done. This is pretty crazy considering how much she complains about being broken newlyweds. Plastic surgery isn't cheap at all, so if she did do it then you have to wonder where the money came from for the surgeries.

What do they think she had done?

The viewers of "90 Day Fiance" noticed two things about Chantel that they feel like are different.

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They think it looks like she had a nose job and also got a breast job. They both do look different than the season before, but of course, she isn't admitting to anything. It wouldn't be surprising at all if she got this done since she is in the public eye now.

Several fans commented on it on social networks, but so far Chantel hasn't said a word about if it is true or not. Everyone would like to hear it straight from her if she got it done or not. Then maybe she could explain a bit about how she was able to afford it. It is highly doubtful that TLC would pay for something like that for her. They might help them with travel and other things for the show, but plastic surgery isn't something that really needs to be done so they can film their lives.

Why is this such a big deal?

The big storyline about Chantel and Pedro is the fact that they are broke newlyweds. They don't have very much money and Pedro is sending back all of his to his mom. He recently bought her a television and tried to ship it to her until he found out it would cost over $1000 to get it back to her.

Instead, he was just going to send her enough money to buy her own. Chantel is always mad at him about it.

Chantel works at a nursing home, but she is also going to nursing school, which can be rather expensive. Pedro does have a job in a warehouse. He seems to think that any money he makes is his and he can do whatever he wants with it. Pedro has made it very obvious that he feels like taking care of his mother is something he has to do. This is the one thing that these two fight about the most. Pedro doesn't seem like he wants to change how much he takes care of her either.

It would be pretty surprising if Chantel ever admitted to having plastic surgery. Make sure you don't miss the new episodes of "90 Day Fiance [VIDEO]" when they air on Sundays on TLC. You will get to see how Chantel, Pedro and the other couples are doing now. It looks like some are falling apart and others are going to last.