Dragon Ball Super” has finished airing its final episode last March 25, 2018. Due to its popularity, the final two episodes were perhaps the widely-viewed all over the world, with the local governments of some Latin American countries even arranged a public screening for it.

Millions of fans reacted with how the way the most popular anime series on the planet ended. Most were satisfied by the way the Tournament of Power and the show as a whole concluded, while some were left disappointed.

Top final moments recap

The epic fight between Son Goku and Jiren made the whole planet shaking.


It was the Mastered Ultra Instinct against Jiren’s immeasurable power. Even though the Saiyan warrior easily overwhelmed the Universe 11’s lonesome warrior, Jiren awakened his hidden power and managed to subdue his opponent for a while. However, just as when things are about to turn against Universe 6, Son Goku remembered that he was not fighting for himself after all. The flashback that was shown in Muten Roshi’s sunglasses was collectively remembered by his teammates. At the end of the flashback, Goku surpassed the limits of Mastered Ultra Instinct and cornered Jiren.

But Jiren did the unthinkable: he unleashed a ki blast towards the spectators’ seat, particularly in the direction of Universe 6. Fortunately, Goku’s speed was able to catch up, and he was able to deflect the attack and save his friends. This was the turning point of the last moments of the Tournament of Power because as he was about to knock Jiren off the fighting stage, the side effects of using Ultra Instinct began to kick in. It was Goku who was knocked off the arena instead.

Fortunately, Frieza managed to save Goku from elimination.


Android 17’s revival was seen as a plot twist for episode 130. The two fighters have shown a remarkable level of teamwork against Jiren. But their efforts only paid off when Goku showed up and helped them execute their plan. In the end, Goku and Frieza knocked Jiren by way of self-sacrifice.

The series’ biggest mistake

This was where everything in the whole Universe Survival Arc went wrong. As we all probably know by now, it was Android 17 who won the Tournament of Power and got the opportunity to make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls.

Instead of wishing for a huge ship to tour his family with, he chose to revive the erased universes during the whole Tournament of Power. Not a bad wish, right?

But according to the Grand Priest, the Zen-Os foresaw a righteous mortal wishing on the Super Dragon Balls. When asked if any other wish was given, the God of Everything would have erased every universe right there and then.

But think about this: what episode was it shown that there was such a prophecy? The answer – none. This made the whole story absurd, and nonsense and effectively created a huge plot hole.