It's been three weeks since "Dragon Ball Super" came to an end and, so far, we've only had a few updates on this franchise's new movie, which will premiere in December of this year. But, "Dragon Ball Heroes" could have given a preview of what will happen after the Tournament of power, and no one has noticed.

As you all know, "Dragon Ball Heroes" is a card game that shows an alternate story to the one we all know, however, after the Future Trunks arc ended we realize that the dimensions can meet each other, without any trouble, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that the villains of SDBH could connect to the seventh universe, where Goku and his friends live.

It should be made clear that the timeline of the present (where the events of "Dragon Ball", "Dragon Ball Z", and "Dragon Ball Super" occur) it’s not the real one since the dimension that is taken as real is where the Z warriors were murdered by the Androids and where Future Trunks is currently.


"Planet Prison" is the title that has been given to the new card expansion that this game will have, which has a manga to better explain the events that are going to happen (Akira Toriyama was the main precursor) where we can see Future Trunks, once again, behind bars for repeatedly altering history.

The key aspect

Various sources claim that the events we will see in "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" will continue on from what we have seen at the end of "Dragon Ball Super."

This doesn’t mean that in the next saga we could see Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan 4 or that Goku transformed into Super Saiyan Blue faces his counterpart Goku Xeno, but that we could see a story where Future Trunks tells us what happened after his return to his timeline.


An argument that is quite logical when you think that Beerus didn't know Trunks and could have punished the Saiyan for his countless journeys through time that has altered the natural rhythm, which even deities are strictly forbidden to do.

Is this another joke?

About two weeks ago, one of the biggest controversies about the KamiSami Explorer page was raised as they began to release news that filled their followers with emotion; the titles of episodes 132, 133, and 134 of "Dragon Ball Super," a trailer about the continuity of the anime a website specially dedicated to N°17, among other things.

This became highly viral. A part of the community who knew about this holiday was pretty sure that this was just a joke, but there was another part that was really excited about the comeback of their favorite series, so the website went on to state that these publications were false and that he had only done so for an April Fools joke, which really upset a lot of fans.


This caused the credibility of the site to decline. But the people that are part of this website affirm that they’re a totally serious group and, truth be told, they really are. So we can’t judge them for one mistake after all the information they've given us and it turns out to be real.