"Rick and Morty," an adventure-based comedy show has been one of my favorite shows for a while now. All three seasons of the show have had many weird episodes in the past. While some of them were quite entertaining, a few of them were kind of boring too. Like the pickle episode, where Rick had turned himself into a pickle, and, as we know, the pickle was just the beginning of the new season. But I bet you haven't seen this sick episode in any of the seasons. Well, for those who don't know, Adult Swim, the programming team of this late night adult animated show, played a preposterous prank on April 1.

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According to Digital Spy, "The 11-minute episode features Rick and Morty as Australians. It sees Rick force Morty into joining him on an eight-hour road trip to Bendigo to get a "green cube".

A message

A simple message appeared on the screen which directed the fans by telling them to visit Adult Swim's website, where a special treat was awaiting them. But what happened next was downright disgusting. Well, a short titled Bushworld Adventures, created by YouTuber Michael Cusack, appeared on the site and I must say it was one of the most vulgar "Rick and Morty" episodes I have witnessed so far. It was cheap, sleazy, and not at all funny.

In short, the episode showed Rick constantly talking about his need to murder Morty by being very sexually explicit. The content was not acceptable to its die-hard fans either. The short video was shot in Australia. According to Vanity Fair, "Though the show’s official Twitter page implied that the short would be an actual episode of the show, it turned out to be an oddball April Fool’s parody." Meanwhile, the mayor of Bendigo has insisted that her city is “a very vibrant and beautiful place” after it was depicted as a desolate wasteland in a recent parody of cult cartoon series "Rick and Morty," reports Junkee.

The fourth season of 'Rick and Morty'

Speaking about the fourth season, co-creator of the show, Dan Harmon, said that they're still in the process of contract negotiations and things have gotten complicated this time. In December 2017, producer Ryan Ridley had also mentioned that the Season 4 of the "Rick and Morty" could be as late as the end of 2019 before fans actually get to see a whole set of new episodes. So for those who are actually waiting for the new episodes of the show, I must tell you that this April Fool's Day episode is the most you can get right now! Stay tuned for more entertainment news and updates.