Park Shin Hye, many US fans might know the actress due to her role in films like "The Royal Tailor" and "My Annoying Brother." The 28-year-old actress has managed to win the South Korean "Paeksang Arts Award" for Most Popular Female [VIDEO]in Television for 2012 and 2014. And now after impressing her fans and audience with her impeccable acting talent, the lovely actress has now taken the fashion world by storm with her indelible fashion choices.

Hye on fashion

Park Shin Hye is a famous name in the fashion industry and has attended not just Paris Fashion Week, but New York Fashion Week as well.

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Talking about her personal style and comfort, Hye said that she usually likes to wear riders jacket and jeans, rather than a skirt. Her style is very simple and relatable and she likes to wear denim outfits and hooded sweatshirts regularly.

Park, who is seen in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar talks about fashion and her excitement of approaching her 30s. In an interview, Hye spoke about her style, beauty, and film projects she'd like to take on.

When asked about her favorite age, Hye recalled that her teens and her twenties as the time when she felt the most beautiful. With confidence, Hye beamed that she would look even more beautiful in her thirties. She said beauty comes from all of the hard work one puts into life over time.

Speaking of films, Park Shin Hye mentioned that she would like to try movies that have a lot of gravitas like "Blackened Heart." She said that she likes to work on projects where she can feel a healthy sense of stability. And for her, the most important thing is to have her two feet firmly planted on the ground.

The teaser of "Little House in the Forest" was recently released. According to AllKPop, "For the upcoming reality documentary, actors Park and So Ji Sub take on the minimal life challenge, which means leaving the busy, bustling city life and turning in all their electronic devices to live and get along with nature."

Choi Tae-Joon and Park Shin Hye's relationship

On a more personal front, Park Shin Hye confirmed dating Choi Tae-Joon since the end of last year. The couple have been friends for a long time and now are officially dating. Both attended Chung Ang University, majoring in film and theatre studies. With all this, we're sure that Park is doing well in her professional and personal life. With the actress leaving a mark in the Fashion world, we wonder what's next for her down the line. Meanwhile, reports are also circulating on social media that Lee Min Ho and Park are set to reunite for the making of "The Heirs 2." However, Park has not commented on the matter yet. Stay tuned for more celebrity updates.