The ending of “Dragon Ball Super” left a big hole in the heart of the anime fans and left the avid enthusiasts looking for something to fill that gap. Fortunately, another beloved anime series, My Hero Academiais gearing up for the third season that will bring heat to our summer.

The hero anime flick is set to return this coming April 7 and since the time is ticking fast, the folks behind the show brought us some hints and spoilers on what to expect in the season premiere of our superheroes. What adventures await Izuku Midoriya and his classmates in their journey to become full-fledged heroes?

Summer heat is on!

Scans of the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump began circulating the net and our ever trusty translators @YonkouProd and @fabulouslyalone at Twitter provided a translation on how the third season of “My Hero Academia” will kick off.


According to the scan, the 39th episode of the series was titled ‘Game Start’ with a synopsis that will bring out the summer heat to fans.

As stated in the episode summary, summer vacation has arrived and as part of their hero course, they will attend a training camp under a supervision of a hero team. However, before the camp starts Izuku, Mineta, and Kaminari meet at the school's swimming pool to train.

Other fans expressed their disappointment as they claimed that the first episode of the season starts off with a filler episode.

However, it is not entirely true because the episode will be based on a panel of the manga though the scans promised some ‘original scenes’ that were not featured in the manga. All in all, it is a great step for the show makers as they will have the chance to re-establish the setting and the characters of the show.

School Trip Arc

The most awaited third season of the series will cover the School Trip Arc as shown in the recently released trailer. The preview featured the returning Class 1-A students showing their quirks in a forest setting when the League of Villains suddenly attacked the students.


However other sources and other media appearances suggest that the 3rd season will go beyond and into the Hideout Raid Arc. Where the pro heroes and some brave students clashed with the League of Villains to save one of their classmates.

Meanwhile, the franchise’s first full-length film titled “My Hero Academia: The Movie - The Two Heroes” is set to release this coming August 3. The movie will feature an all original story by the creator Hirokoshi that was never seen in the manga. For now, let's just indulge ourselves in the third season of “My Hero Academia” on Funimation.