The episode starts with pro hero, Vlad King, telling class B that they will train alongside class A because class A got all the attention in the finals of the last semester, but this time he wants them to get noticed instead. One of the students ask how they're going to develop their quirks out of the blue because each one of them possesses a unique quirk, Vlad replies "If you keep using them, they become stronger, and if you don't, then they waste away."

Quirk training

Vlad then proceeds to show them the progress of class A.


Bakugo plunges both his hands in boiling water to expand his sweat glands, Todoroki alternates between his fire and ice quirk to maintain the temperature of bathwater. Sero continuously generates tape from his hands, while Eijiro and Mashirao spar with each other to improve their quirks. Denki runs a current through a large battery so that his body can handle large amounts of electricity, and Koji does vocal exercises to improve his vocal cords and call animals from afar.

Aoyama constantly blasts his navel laser so that his body gets used to it.

Tokoyami trains to keep his dark shadow under control in dark. Uraraka trains in zero gravity to decrease nausea, Iida uses his engine quirk to increase his leg strength and stamina. Tsuyu trains her tongue muscles, and Rikido works out while eating sweets to increase his power, Momo continously creates things to shorten the amount of time needed to make things with her creation quirk. Jiro trains to perfect her sound quality, and Mina intermittently creates acid to increase her skin's durability.


Mineta trains to increase the strength of his scalp, and Toru and Mezo train together as well.

Wild Wild Pussycats also joins them in order to keep track of the students while they train. Tora trains Izuku with his assault technique and tells him to go "Plus Ultra" on him. All the students complete their training for the day and are told that they will have to cook as well because it is also a part of their training.

The League of Villains attacks

Izuku notices Kota going somewhere in the night, so he follows him and comes to know that Kota doesn't like the concept of a superhuman society altogether.

While all the teachers and students call it a day and take a rest, seven members of the League Of Villains plot to attack the training camp.

The third day of the training starts, Izuku asks Aizawa if the other teachers, specifically All Might, will join them in the training camp. He tells him Izuku will not be joining them because he is still a target of the Villains. Pixie-Bob tells them that there will be a "Test of Courage" in today's training in which both of the classes will be pitted against each other.


After dinner, all the students come together for their training. Five students are sent to their extra classes while the rest of the fifteen students draw lots to determine their partners. Seven pairs of students are formed and Izuku is left alone.

During the training, the League of Villains commences their plan and attacks the training camp. Pixie-Bob is seriously injured during the attack.

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