The plot of "My Hero Academia" is rapidly shifting from the training of rookie U.A. students to the descent of the vanguard action squad of the "League of Villains" on the training grounds. With the involvement of new villains in the new arc, the whole show is getting spicier for both, the fans and the manga readers.

After episode four aired, fans are calling it the best episode so far this season of "My Hero Academia" could offer. The new episode saw Izuku Midoriya bring out his inner true hero without the help of All Might. Below are some of the epic moments in today's episode that made fans go "dance till you're dead" young Midoriya.


Showtime for Class B

Both of the hero classes of U.A. highschool are almost identical if their curriculum and training are compared. What sets them apart is the sense of heroism in Class A and their ability to seize every opportunity that comes their way. Up until now, Class A has handled every crisis they faced like a true hero. They perfectly fought against villains in their encounter with Tomura Shingaraki at the USJ and Stain in the Hosu City.

Tetsutetsu finally realized this and says that it's time for them to act like heroes and fight back against the vanguard action squad.

Izuku versus Muscular

Muscular somehow manages to find Kota at his secret location and tries to kill him without a reason, but Izuku reaches there on time and saves Kota just when Muscular is about to land his devastating blow on him.

The show gave fans a little backstory to this new antagonist and he seems to be the one who killed Water Hose heroes (Kota's parents). Muscular enjoys killing people and doing things that are morally wrong.


Izuku tries to fight him in his normal and hundred percent form but is overwhelmed by Muscular's "Muscle Augment" quirk. Just when Izuku is all out of hope, Kota uses his "Water Creation" quirk to distract him and Izuku uses a new attack called the "One For All,1,000,000%! Delaware Detroit Smash" to smash him in the mountain.

After this first encounter with Muscular, some fans also noticed the uncanny resemblance between him and Bakugo, and he literally asks Izuku about Bakugo's location.

Both of them are hotheads, so there's a chance that they are brothers.

But since we don't know his real name yet, we cannot draw this conclusion that he really is related to Bakugo just because their character designs match.

Episode 5 preview

Things quickly heat up when the villains attack the rest of the student and pro heroes.


The new episode of "My Hero Academia" will air on May 5.