The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is set for May 19, and she keeps proving her credentials at every step. She is an American actress and ever since she came into Harry’s life, she has continued to prove her determination to remold it. Harry had other girlfriends but, Meghan has proved to be different. She comes from another background and has adjusted to a new lifestyle befitting that of a member of the British Royal Family.

Express UK reports that Meghan’s influence on Harry has been dramatic and has forced him to check some of his habits which had appeared to be inconsistent with that of a Royal.

The best part is that Harry has not let her down and has changed.

The changes

One of the first things Meghan did after she came into his life was to convince Prince Harry to modify some of his habits. These, in her opinion, were unhealthy and included smoking. She got him to reduce smoking, switch over to diets with more juice, and practice yoga. Of course, his friends joked about these but the fact is that the young man has shifted gears and cut back on drinking and smoking.

Another action she undertook, once she moved into his home in Nottingham Cottage, was to get rid of all the junk food lying around. She loves healthy food and Harry is reported to be falling in line. It can be said that Meghan Markle has cemented her place in the Royal Family and the world is waiting for them to tie the knot.

The Invictus Games

The British Royal Family is into charity work, in a big way, and Prince Harry is deeply involved in the Invictus Games. Last year, these were held in Toronto where Meghan Markle was seen for the first time in Harry’s company.

People reports that a special Invictus Games reception was held for the next round of games to be held in Sydney.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball hosted the event and briefed about the games to be held in October. Both Meghan and Harry were present on the occasion along with Lucy Turnball, wife of the Prime Minister. Meghan has already indicated that she and Harry could be attending the games.

Servicemen and women from U.K.

and Australia had also come to the reception. Some of them participated in the earlier Paralympic-style Invictus Games. These are meant to spread a feeling of goodness among war veterans from around the world who are either wounded or recovering. The first of these games were held in London in 2014, then came Orlando in 2016 and Toronto in 2017.