Jennelle Evans Eason is doing great right now, but in a new Instagram post she is poking fun at the Fans and saying they will say she is pregnant no matter what. Her body looks great, and you can tell she has been taking care of herself. Jenelle posted a pic of herself in a swimsuit along with a little note toward the haters. It confused a few people who thought that she might be announcing a pregnancy.

Jenelle teases pregnancy

Jenelle Evans posted herself in a bikini and then said, "They will say ‘she’s pregnant’. #Thick #Summer #GoodVibes #Bikini #Rumors." She is rocking the swimsuit and there is no reason to think she is pregnant, but Jenelle knows how the rumors go.

She decided to just confront them and tease it herself before the fans could say a word. The thing is she is either deleting the comments or has turned them off because you can't even see what all of her followers have to say about this post now. Jenelle does seem perfectly okay with the fact that she is a bit thick after having children now. A lot of women wouldn't even wear a bikini after kids.

She actually posted another picture, one that even shows her laying on her back with her stomach totally flat. There is no way that you would think she is pregnant with this picture. Jenelle Evans knows that there are always rumors that she has a baby on the way, though. It is part of being a reality star from the "Teen Mom" franchise.

Some fans think she is expecting

If you know Jenelle Evans and the way she posts, you can tell she is messing with the fans. The thing is some fans are really confused and now think she is expecting another child with her husband, David Eason. When Jenelle got pregnant with her one-year-old daughter Ensley, she lied for months to the fans about expecting.

If she was expecting again, she might do the same thing.

Rumors started that Jenelle was pregnant back on her daughter's first birthday. She posted a photo and was holding her hand over her stomach. It made the fans think that she was expecting and was holding her stomach, but she has denied that this is true. Jenelle has shared since then saying that she isn't pregnant, though.

It sounds like everyone will just have to wait for her to announce a baby is on the way if she ever does have another one.

Are you surprised that Jenelle Evans is just starting the rumors before the fans can? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss more of "Teen Mom" on MTV.