Dragon Ball Super” temporarily paused airing fresh episodes around March 25, 2018. The last episode that fans have been talking about saw the conclusion of the Tournament of Power in the universe Survival Arc. The majority of the fans are looking forward to the upcoming anime movie, hoping that it will serve as the continuation of the successful TV series. Meanwhile, Marvel Cinematic Universe recently released “Avengers: Infinity War” in theaters. Comic and anime enthusiasts alike enjoyed the worldwide debut of the sci-fi action movie.


Interestingly, several fans shared, on social media, various instances where they think the action film from Marvel greatly resembles the anime series, “Dragon Ball Z.”

How are they alike?

Several days ago, numerous social media outfits like Twitter and Facebook have been flooded with posts about “Avengers: Infinity War.” Many “Dragon Ball Super” fans also went out to watch the action movie and shared their accounts of the similarities. Surprisingly, most claim that the movie has many similarities with the “DBZ” series and even “Dragon Ball Super.” In the movie, the villain Thanos resembles Frieza a great deal.

Both are universe-ruling emperors with armies at their command. In the "DBZ" series, Frieza was obsessed with gathering the magic Dragon Balls.

In the action movie, the Eternals-born creature is collecting the infinity stones. Frieza has his Elite and Galactic Army while Thanos has his own team of extra special evil guys known as the Children of Thanos. There is also the character in the movie called Gamora who could be the last surviving being of the Zen-Whoberi race. The planet known as Zen-Whoberi is the home of peace-loving humanoid aliens.


Roughly, three Billion green-skinned inhabitants used to live in this place until the destructive Thanos arrive and ruined the planet. In the Vegeta Saga, in the age 762, Frieza destroyed the Planet Namek. The place is the home of green-skinned creatures that have the ability to create their own Dragon Balls.

Other details

Meanwhile, the much-awaited animated movie that will continue the successful TV series is slated to release in Japan on December 14, 2018. According to the creator, Akira Toriyama, the movie will feature the origins of the Saiyans that many fans have almost forgotten.

It will also highlight Frieza. Toei Animation has recently debuted the first-ever trailer of the animated film. It shows Son Goku preparing for a fight with his opponent situated on top of an icy hill. The movie “Dragon Ball Super” is expected to have a global simultaneous release. This, however, is not yet officially confirmed.