Details for the new "Dragon Ball Super" movie are getting teased, little by little. Some new information was just revealed about the plot of the upcoming movie along with other minor details that the new "Dragon Ball Super" movie will feature. A few days ago, after the release of the first teaser for the movie, Toei Animation revealed two new posters for the upcoming movie, both of them having a different background. The posters showcased Goku's new design in a frosty land. Fans were surprised to see that the new movie will take place in a frozen setting because, chances are, the plot will follow Frieza's origins and his connection to the Saiyans.


Moreover, as a compensation for the hiatus of the "Dragon Ball Super" series, the official "Dragon Ball" site has decided to start an article based series called "Dragon Ball Movie Frontline." These articles will deliver new information regarding the upcoming movie, interviews with staff and cast, and some behind-the-scenes action as well. This new series will be updated every Sunday at 9 AM.

New movie details

The first article on the official website stated some new information about the new movie, although, the site is Japanese based so it is necessary to translate it from a reliable source.

Herms, a reliable "Dragon Ball" translator, summarized the article and said that the new movie will consist of "multiple layers" which means that the events will take place in both, past and present, much like current events and the flashbacks that will back up the story.

Furthermore, it can be concluded that these flashbacks are the reason that we will see multiple settings and environments. Also, he added that Toriyama provided over 20 sheets of designs which included the new character designs, machines, and at least one new planet.


Fanservice in the new movie

Iyoku said that Toriyama's story has a lot of "Fan Service" for the fans, though, in context, it means that the movie will be really appreciated by the crowd, rather than other senses.

It is also rumored that the female characters in the movie will be extra "Kawaii." This new information does give fans a new perception of the movie and because the plot takes place after the "Tournament of Power," plot key points like time-travel, other universes, and flashbacks are on the table. For now, all we can do is to wait for next Sunday, when a new article comes out with some new information regarding the upcoming movie. The 20th movie is said to be released simultaneously all around the world on December 14.