"Dragon Ball Super's" anime was fun to watch. The fans are really missing the anime now as it ended on March 25. The Universe Survival arc has seen the win of Universe 7 and Android 17 in the finale episode. The show that ended on a powerful note in March is all set to hit the big screen in December. It will be based on the origins of the Saiyans. The movie's story is written by Akira Toriyama. Fans will see a number of new characters in the movie. According to ComicBook, "After all, a slew of Japanese theaters have started to hand out leaflets for the Dragon Ball Super film.

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The front side of the advert shows off Goku in his newly redesigned glory."

As we know, the anime was ended with the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] but seems like the same is not going to be the case in the manga - the comic book based on the show.

Since we're seeing that the elimination order in the manga is quite different in comparison to that of the popular anime.

Chapter 34

Well, the chapter 34 of the manga reveals that fighters of Universe 7 will bear some odd types of losses. Furthermore, the first two elimination from The Universe 7 is the same as the anime, where Krillin is out first and then Tien becomes the second one to get out.

Meanwhile, in the manga, it's portrayed that Universe 6's Frost is the one eliminating Krillin [VIDEO]and Tien. However, that's not the case, since, in the anime, it was shown that Tien was knocked out by Universe 2's Hermila. In the manga, we see Frost eliminating at least three to four fighters, but in the anime, it was just Krillin who was eliminated by Frost. Meanwhile, Freeza and Frost have chucked all the members out.

Frost and Freeza's alliance

However, the manga manages to make Frost and Freeza's alliance a little less important, but at the same time, it portrays Frost as an evil person, more than we saw in the anime. And we further see that Universe 9 is restored to existence with Frost. With all this, fans are genuinely waiting for the next issue and are further speculating whether or not Freeza will go after the next Tournament of Power. After seeing Goku's Ultra Instinct form, Freeza surely understands the need to up his game and frost could definitely be the one helping him with this.

Well, the English translation is out and you can now enjoy the manga, just as you enjoyed watching the anime. Meanwhile, we are actually waiting to see the next twist in the manga. Any guesses on what will be changed next? Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.