A few days ago, Episode 131 of “Dragon Ball Super” was released, marking the end of the Tournament of Power saga. Yet there are many clues that lead me to believe that the story is not yet finished and that it may continue even after the upcoming film that was announced in December 2018.

Firstly, the great majority of the voice actors of the characters have expressed that they are anxious to see Goku and his friends returning to action after a short vacation. This occurred during the making of Episode 131 and more details were published on some Japanese internet sites.


It's also important to remember that Akira Toriyama himself has expressed that the saga is over, but not the story. This was announced with a message in the next film of the Japanese franchise.

But the most important fact of all is that the Shueisha’s special department dedicated to “Dragon Ball” is still working on the franchise. A reason could be to give the manga time and so Toriyama can create new sagas.

When could the series return?

So far, I know that the next movie will be released in December 2018 and that it will take up after the events that happened during the Tournament of Power. Keeping this in mind, I can pretty much say that there is a good probability that the series may return in mid-2019 (in about a year and a half).

This will give the manga enough time to fully detail the ending of the Tournament of Power saga, along with the beginnings of the new movie. As we all know, the new OVA’s plot is about the origins of the Saiyan race and that of the first Super Saiyan God.

What will happen with Trunks and Goten?

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are still many stories to tell in the franchise. An example of this is the story of Goku and Uub. Toriyama has also expressed many times that he also wishes to further explore the stories of Trunks And Goten.


Remember that the kids have only had a good participation during “Dragon Ball Z,” and the beginnings of “Dragon Ball Super,” so we can still expect more protagonism before they grow older. All of this indicates that though the franchise may have marked an ending with the closure of the Tournament of Power saga, we can still expect to enjoy more stories in the near future.

From April 8, I’ll have more details regarding the new department. April will be a month in which "Dragon Ball" will reach its next prosperity after this recent challenge.

Thank you for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time!