One of the fairest moments in "Dragon Ball Super" was the victory of Android 17 in the Tournament of Power. It doesn’t matter how he achieved the victory in the tournament, Android 17 did all he could to be the champion and I believe that no one can deny it.

However, before Android 17 came back to the tournament, everything indicated that it would be Frieza who would be crowned champion, which caused many theories every day, since imagining that Frieza would get the Dragon Spheres would be catastrophic.


Therefore, I will explain what would have happened if when Frieza was falling down with Goku and Jiren, instead of Frieza would have been Android 17, in other words, what would have happened if Frieza had won the Tournament of Power.

The change in the story

Things would happen as they were until the end, only instead of Frieza and Goku dragging Jiren off the platform, we would exchange Frieza for Android 17, which would leave Frieza as the last standing warrior of the tournament. It’s here where I see the great dilemma that this would have caused since now Frieza would be the one making his wish to the Super Dragon Balls.

The wish

The first logical option for all that Frieza has made us see throughout the tournament is that he would make a personal wish. From the beginning of the tournament, he longed for the throne of Zeno, the pinnacle of the power of the universes, so it would make total sense that he makes this wish to the Super Dragon Balls. This would mean that he would have the absolute power; to be the No. 1 at the top of the 12 universes.

But, thanks to the wish made by Android 17, we could say that Freezer’s wish would be impossible because the Dragon’s power is inferior to Zeno’s.


After this, the King of All would annul the wish and Frieza would be severely punished.

On the other hand, I could guess that Frieza, after fighting along with Goku and learning to respect him, decides to give up his wish to the Saiyan, which would be something amazing. However, Frieza would give up his wish in exchange for Son Goku keeping his promise, what he had mentioned before in his fight against Jiren.

Those would be the possible scenarios if Frieza had won the Tournament of Power. One scenario is clearly chaotic, while the other is similar to the one seen in the anime.

Which one do you prefer?

So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there are more, I will be communicating it as soon as possible.