"Dragon Ball Super' finale episode was surely one massive hit, and now after the Tv show, fans are all set to witness the "Dragon Ball Super" movie in December. By the looks of it, we're sure that the movie is going to be one massive hit just like the anime [VIDEO]. And now as we know, the Saiyan race is the most powerful race in the "DBS" universe and they just get stronger with every fight and race. In fact, getting hurt makes them even stronger. The power that they possess always surpasses their limits, and hence they can go through anything.

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And with this, one thing is confirmed that Saiyans will still play an important role as the series continue.

The teaser

Well, we have seen Saiyan in the teaser, but the strange part is that Saiyan shown in the teaser is not from Universe 7, and it's highly possible that he might be from Universe 6.

And looking at him, it's quite possible that he might be from the Tournament of Power. Saiyan can actually be from any Universe since we have 12 Universes. And in these 12 Universes, there were some twins as well. Previously, Universe 1 and Universe 12 were paired with each other, while Universe 2 and 11 were together. The paring actually made no sense, but it's been said that even triplets also existed before and they were destroyed there and then. If the triplets actually existed, they would have paired as 1-12-18, 2-11-17, 3-9-16, 4-10-15, 5-8-14, 6-7-13.

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With this, we would have been able to witness Saiyan's from Universe 13 as well. And obviously, Universe 13 would have been very important in the future series. And now at the end of "Dragon Ball Super," we saw Universe 17 [VIDEO] getting revived and though it wasn't clear we're sure that the ones revived were actually erased during the Tournament of Power.

If this is the case, then one thing is for sure that all the universes from 13 to 18 have revived again. And this further makes us assume, that the Saiyan showed in the teaser could be from Universe 13. And if that's the case, then the entire Saiyan race from Universe 13 will be seen as well.

But then all this is just speculation; we actually have to wait for the movie to hit the theaters so that we actually come to know the true story of Saiyan and his existence. The movie will be quite thrilling, and the "Dragon Ball Super's" fans will surely love the film. It is worth mentioning that the "DBS" Universe Survival arc was ended on March 25. Stay tuned for more updates and news on anime shows.