Dragon Ball Super” may have been over for a month but fans still can’t get over the hype it brought worldwide. We were shocked to find out that Android 17 is still alive despite making a huge sacrifice by blowing himself up. We were also left speechless when the Android became the MVP of the tournament and brought back the erased universes back to life. However, in this series, we have seen Goku and Vegeta reached other heights in their fighting career, particularly during the final moments of the Tournament of Power.


They have both awakened new powers for themselves, such as ultra instinct, and Super Saiyan God Evolution, respectively.

For this theory, however, we will focus on Ultra Instinct and whether Goku can access it again or not.

Ultra Instinct secrets explained

According to the Angel Whis, UI is an advanced state that not even the Gods of Destruction have managed to attain. This is a state wherein each part of the body can defend and attack unconsciously. Dodging and launching an attack successfully requires thought, that’s why it is very hard to let the body decide on its own.

The Angel also added that thoughts traveling from the brain to a specific part of the body take time, therefore affecting the efficiency of the defense or attack.

Another factor to be considered is the risk to the body after using UI. This said, during the final part of the tournament the risk was greater the deeper one stepped into the territory of the Gods. This is the reason why Goku was never able to knock Jiren out of the ring despite overwhelming him.

Will Goku be able to use Ultra Instinct again?

This is the question that many fans are still debating is whether Goku will be able to use UI again or not? At the end of episode 131, Vegeta asked Goku what happened to his UI, to which he replied that he cannot use it anymore.


But what if Goku was just being modest when he was asked by Vegeta if he could access his UI?

This has already happened during the Buu Saga. When Vegeta fell under the influence of Babidi, Goku chose not to use his Super Saiyan 3 because he thought that he might be hurting Vegeta’s pride. He hid his true potential to make the fight more interesting, especially as Vegeta thought that they were on the same level. In addition, Goku has this bad habit of not using his full power in order to enjoy the battle.

Another theory says that Goku won’t be able to use it unless there is a situation that would force Goku to exhaust his stamina and step into the Gods’ territory again. This situation is a little formulaic: Goku will fight the bad guy, get beaten a lot, and then use his Ultra Instinct trump card towards the end to defeat the enemy. This might happen again, given the kind of hype from the new “Dragon Ball Super” movie coming out later this year.