"Dragon Ball Super" was one fun series, and the final episode which aired in March saw Jiren and Goku in a never-seen-before action. In fact, Jiren from Universe 11, proved to be one of the most powerful characters so far. He didn’t have any weakness except his ego and was powerful enough to beat anyone from the Universal Arc. After watching the teaser of the movie, we have been speculating about the New Saiyan seen in the teaser. TheNew Saiyan might actually be Yamoshi, the first Super Saiyan God in the history.

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With this, one question arises, Will Yamoshi be able to defeat Jiren in the future? Will he be as powerful as Jiren? Well, all these questions will be answered once we actually come to know more about Yamoshi.

The first Super Saiyan

As of now, we know that Yamoshi is the first Super Saiyan [VIDEO]and after his demise, his soul is still looking for a perfect body. With all this, it’s been speculated that the Saiyan seen fighting Goku in the teaser is none another than Yamoshi and if that’s the case then, it will be super-fun to watch two Super Saiyans fight.

Also, Jiren is the most powerful character right now and only a Legendary Super Saiyan can be a threat to him, which in this case might be Yamoshi. So the question here is, will Yamoshi be more powerful than Jiren? Well, the answer to that can be both 'yes' and 'no.' No, because, in the 'Tournament of Power', Goku with his mastered Ultra Instinct could have beaten Jiren [VIDEO]easily, but he was unable to do anything with it.

Jiren who surpassed all his ego issues rose again and fought like a warrior.

Goku's access to Ultra Instinct

After that, we came to know that Goku cannot access his Ultra Instinct power anymore since it has been returned to SSB Kaioken. And since Jiren is the most powerful character so far, it may be impossible for Yamoshi to be as powerful as Jiren. Yamoshi might be powerful than Goku, but when it comes to Jiren, Yamoshi might fall short of something. Well, all this will be known to us once the movie hits the theatres. The movie which is based on the "Dragon Ball Super" series will release on December 14, 2018.

The movie will depict the history of Saiyans and will further enlighten us about their origin and powers. Akira Toriyama has written the script of the film and also worked on the characters of the movie. Fans will witness a number of new characters in the movie. Posters and a trailer for the film were already released. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.