"Dragon Ball Super" final series has come to an end in Japan and the famous anime has entertained everyone thoroughly. The last episode of the Universe Survival arc was released on March 25. Android 17 and Universe 7 won the Tournament of Power by beating the mighty Jiren. And now, after entertaining everyone thoroughly in Japan, the latest English dub episode of the show is out. Yes, and in the latest episode of the show, we can see how Goku and his gang are dealing with the tension of losing against Zamasu and Goku Black in their future battle.

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Not only this, but they are further seen contemplating about the uncanny partnership between the two.

Bulma with Senzu beans

And during all this, they further go on and tell Bulma of their ideas and Bulma then comes up with the hilarious shade at Goku Black's sensibilities.

Later on, after they get revived by Bulma with the help of Senzu beans, they then sit back and give Bulma all the information to about their situation with Zamasu and an even stronger Goku Black. Goku further thinks that these Senzu beans will make them stronger and powerful. Not only this, but Goku also reveals Goku Black's new form name, Super Saiyan Rose.

After all this, Bulma [VIDEO] thinks about the form name of Goku Black and wonders why someone would come up with a name like this. Well, if you are thinking the same, then let us tell you that Goku Black's form name Super Saiyan Rose has been named so because it's very colorful and unique and all Saiyans name their forms. But a few things about this are not shared with the fans since they love both the original as well as the dubbed version of the show.

Goku Black

However, English dubbed fans were always worried about Goku Black [VIDEO]'s voice as is a bit weird but however, that's taken care of and the voice for Goku Black is approved and proper. As strange as the Goku Black's form name may sound, it's actually quite popular amongst the fans now.

With this, the film based on the series is going to release in December and it's been said that the film will focus mainly on Saiyans and the origin of Saiyans. It will be exciting to see how the movie unfolds and if will it be as popular as the series. Akira Toriyama is the writer of the film. The poster and teaser of the movie have already been released. And furthermore, will the characters be able to impress us just like they did in the anime? We will get all these answers but only after the watching the movie. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.