"Dragon Ball Super" has managed to introduce many characters throughout the series. Not only the characters but a new world, and new Saiyans too. Not only this, but their powers were also revealed in the show that ended just a couple of days ago. But the series has done something unexpected this time. While the anime was over last month, fans are now hooked to its English dub and the latest episode of the show just revealed an unexpected twist. Well, the episode has actually managed to introduce the most powerful attack so far.

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Yes, that's right!

The destructive side of Beerus

Beerus who is a God Of Destruction revealed his destructive side with his unknown Hakai technique. He used this technique on Zamasu from universe 10 and further destroyed him.

All this happened when Beerus, Whis, and Goku were thinking on this and then realized Zamasu's intention of killing Gowasu and thereby becoming the Supreme Kai [VIDEO] eventually. And after gathering evidence, Beerus stepped into action and attacked Universe 10's Zamasu. The attack was sudden, unexpected, yet powerful.

So before Zamasu was able to attack Gowasu, Beerus attacked him and used his secretive Hakai technique, and this also showed us Beerus strength and power. And if Beerus had used this power against Goku when they first met, then Goku would have been squashed then and there. Speaking about the technique used by him, well Hakai manages to break down a person and vanishes them completely. It's a very powerful technique and the aftermath is a disaster too. For those who are curious to see this unexpected move, then do watch the English dub every Saturday at 9.30 PM on Adult Swim.

You can also stream it online on Amazon video. In total 52 episodes have been aired so far and we can now witness the series on various other platforms.

The film

Meanwhile, the movie based on the series will release in December and by the looks of it, the movie looks quite promising and thrilling. The poster and the trailer for the movie were already released. According to ComicBook, "The trailer shows just a snippet of the new film. Goku is seen preparing for battle on a deserted wasteland, and the icy tundra marks a very different kind of battlefield for Goku. We're sure that the movie will be as popular as the anime." In fact creator of the anime- Akira Toriyama has contributed to the film's script and characters. And Toei animations [VIDEO] has also announced that the anime will also continue after the movies. Are you excited to watch the film? Since it's going to be based on Saiyan and their origins, powers, and will further introduce a new Saiyan. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" news and updates.