Lately, a lot of things have been coming up with the Dragon Ball Franchise. The Universe Survival arc ended on March 25 with the win of Android 17 and Universe 7. Now, after the announcement of the movie based on the recent series, fans are really looking forward to the mobile game based on the show. Talking about "Dragon Ball Legends," the mobile game will primarily focus on the aftermath of the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]and will further introduce different characters at different intervals.

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The characters of the game are expected to feature in the movie also including the new Super Saiyan.

The new Super Saiyan

Speaking about the game further, one of the latest addition to this game is the new Saiyan.

Yes, the new Saiyan is going to be the main character in the game. The team has further shared some interesting details about the character. We already know the name of the new Saiyan character- Shallot, and now the developers have released a new poster that reveals Saiyan's armor and stresses on his personality.

In fact, his personality matches the personality of existing Saiyans really well. And after seeing this new poster, fans of this franchise are looking forward to learning more about Shallot and his role in the game and further in the franchise.

'Dragon Ball' movie

The game is all set to release on the iOS and Android platforms by this summer. And more information about its launch and on New Saiyan can be expected in upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, the first movie based on the series is set to hit the theatres in December in Japan, it will mainly focus on Saiyans and origin of Saiyans.

It will also tell the story of the first Super Saiyan and will further talk about the origins of Goku's power. Akira Toriyama — the creator of this super successful anime, has contributed to the film's script [VIDEO]and character designs.

For all foreign fans out there, you can now witness the show's English version on Adult Swim and Toonami on Saturday's at 9.30 PM. And for the tech-savvy, the show is also available on Amazon Prime video. The first 52 episodes of the show's English dub are available online and was also aired in North America covering Battle of Gods, Universal 6 arc, and Future Trunks so far. We must say "Dragon Ball" franchise has managed to entertain us in all way possible. We can play the game soon, watch the English dub and of course witness the movie on screen soon. How excited are you for all of this? Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" news and updates.