The last episode of 'Dragon Ball Super's' Universe Survival arc was aired on March 25. The makers of the anime further announced the Movie based on the series on their official account. And right after their announcement, the teaser of the movie was released, and we must say the teaser is quite thrilling and entertaining. After the teaser's release, it's further been speculated that the film will be focused on Saiyans and they will also play a major part in the film. Amidst all this, the question here is that who actually is the Saiyan competing with Goku? Because that definitely is not the Saiyan from Universe 7.

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So if not Universe 7, can it actually be from some other Universe?

The movie on 'Dragon Ball Super'

"Dragon Ball Super" movie, as many fans already know is to be released on December 14, 2018.

We think that the Saiyan could possibly be Yamoshi. For those who don't know Yamoshi was the first one to become a Super Saiyan. Yes, as per the legends, Yamoshi was sidelined with his friends, and in order to prove his superiority and to fight back, he actually transformed himself into Super Saiyan. But in the end, Yamoshi died due to exhaustion.

Yamoshi's possible return

Now here's a twist, Yamoshi died, but his soul didn't die, and it started finding a pure-hearted Saiyan just like himself. And that Saiyan once found would actually be the Super Saiyan God. And with all these theories surrounding the teaser, we think that the movie might also focus on the history and origin of Saiyans. And that will be great since we will come to know more about Saiyans, their powers, and abilities. And if this happens then, the Saiyan [VIDEO] seen in the teaser might actually be Yamoshi.

Now, if Yamoshi returns, then we might get to see some of his friends as well. But if what we think is false, then we surely have to do some extra digging to find out who that Saiyan is. It can be an ancient Saiyan or someone from a different Universe too. We have to wait for more details to come out so that we can then be sure about what exactly will the movie showcase. Will "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" be a part of the movie? Questions are many, but only an official announcement can answer all these questions for us and put them to rest for once and all. Meanwhile, the film is all set to release in December.

Episode 131 of Dragon Ball Super was aired on March 25. The tournament reached its conclusion as Goku, Frieza and Android 17 make their final play against Jiren. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.