"Dragon Ball Super," an anime is quite popular throughout the world. And now after its final episode, the film based on the series is going to be released soon. The film which is going to be based on the "Dragon Ball Super" series is releasing in December. But now what's more important in "DBS" is the Dragon Balls, since the show is actually incomplete without them. We have seen those Dragon Balls since the show was launched and in fact, we have also seen Goku and his friends obsessing over the Dragon Balls and that remained constant in all the series.


The secret revealed

These Dragon Balls have more to them and their big Secret was revealed in the English dub of the show. The secret that was revealed was about the Super Dragon Balls will definitely affect the "Future Trunks" tales.

Meanwhile, for those unaware, the 58th episode of "Dragon Ball Super" was aired on Toonami and it showed Zamasu searching and finding something. In the meantime, Kai was shown visiting Zuno and was then inquiring about these Balls. Zuno explains everything about how the Dragon Balls can grant any wish they make without any limits.

This means that these Balls can grant any wish they want as they get all their powers from Zalama, the God of Dragons.

The items will only grant wishes if one asks for them in the language of gods. But that's not all, since there are some limitations associated with the Dragon Balls. Therefore, if someone wants to use the Dragon Ball after it was recently used, then the person will actually have to wait for a year to use it.

Zamasu's access was denied

But here comes the twist, Zamasu's access was denied by the Elder Kai of Universe 10.


Currently, Whis and Beerus are suspecting that some version of Zamasu might kill Gowasu for regaining his Time Ring. We have to wait and see how other episodes unfold. It is worth mentioning that the Universe Survival arc was ended with the win of Universe 7 and Android 17. Number 17 had defeated Jiren in the final battle of Tournament of Power. Overall, it was an intense battle as Goku and Frieza both got eliminated at the last moment.

In the end, Whis restored Frieza to life. In Universe 11, Jiren established a real friendship with Toppo and looks forward to having a rematch with Goku someday.

Also, Goku and Vegeta met for a sparring match in the place where they first fought. Goku revealed that he cannot use Ultra Instinct anymore, believing that he obtained it by accident during the tournament. The episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" was titled as "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!," while Chapter 130 was named as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!."